25 Jan 2014

Tales Of An Auswanderer #1

AUSWANDERER: german for someone who moves to a different country to seek adventure, love, or other crazy things.

I created this series as a diary for myself and for you to be part of my journey. I already reached my destination over four months ago but let's face it, there is no such thing as moving to a different country and then just being done with it. 

Things I want to include in this series are some of the challanges I'm facing, and all the things that make living somewhere else incredibly difficult, but most of all, all the things that make it very much worth it and an incredible experience. I will post pictures and little stories, some will be from when I got here four months ago and some will be recent experiences. I want to write this series as something for me to look back on after a few years, as well as something for people who might be in the same situation and looking for someone they can relate to. feel free to tell me your story and I will include it as part of the series if you fancy it, that would be great.

if you'd like to read more, I wrote a post about the six things that make moving to a different country the best thing ever over at Fellowship of the Bloggers. 

22 Jan 2014

a story about fish, their proteins and me

good evening everybody! if you can't tell, I'm not someone who's good at introductions especially since it's been a while, how have you all been? I've been meaning to start blogging again by writing a really interesting and you know, good, piece and starting a new series and all that, but then I was sat there thinking well, why don't I just write something really random instead. you know, because I thought that would be a good idea and all that.

now let's not dwell for too long on the fact that I've been gone forever and all that. all I really want to say about that is that it seems some people have still been viewing my blog every day which makes me incredibly happy and motivates me to get back into it and actually give you all some new content.

I will be starting a new series about me moving to the UK and all the things that come with it, there will be some emotional posts, some really happy ones, some advise ones and probably some pretty pointless ones. there will also be plenty of food ones (obviously!)

in addition to that, I have something really exciting happening at the moment (other than finishing exams tomorrow, yay!). I have met some lovely blogger friends over time and some of us have decided to start a little blog together (well, little for now, you know!) which will be launching really soon. if you fancy it, you can follow our twitter riiiight here to find updates and when we'll be launching the project. I'm incredibly excited about it as the people I'm doing it with are the loveliest people ever and we're already having so much fun planning it all.

right now at this point if you're still reading (yay if you are!), you'll be asking yourself right this is all relatively interesting but why did she talk about fish in the title but not in the post? right here goes, the thing about being on a science course is that once you get into it it's all you have on your mind especially when you have exams. I have my practical exam tomorrow so all I've been thinking about today is litres of pond water, concentrations of things and all that, yeah fun right? in one of the practicals we did gel electrophoresis with fish proteins to compare what kind of fish it is and all that and it was really interesting and made me think how cool it is that you can easily relate daily life to science. not that everyone would necessarily do that with all of their food (oh I would if I could, but no lab stuff in my kitchen), but yeah. since the whole revision and being on my own all the time has motivated me to blog again, I think it would only be fair to name a post after it, even though it has nothing really to do with it, that's what exams do to your brain (let's think about brains for a second...minute...hour...)

yeah I better go now, but it's nice to be back and blog again, hope I can keep it up and hope I haven't lost all the rest of my readers by writing this post.

see you all very soon!