31 Jul 2013


as mentioned last week, I am now in the UK and enjoying some of the food this country has to offer as well as cooking myself. I arrived in Manchester last tuesday and there has been so much going on since. I'm staying in North Wales but we took two trips back to Manchester, a trip to Chester and many more. so needless to say it's been a busy week but I've really been enjoying it all and it's great to be with the boyfriend again and cook together too. yes we do that.

monday was the last day home before flying to the UK and obviously I still had a lot of packing to do as I always leave it until the last minute (just me?) so my lovely mum made dinner which was pork tenderloin medallions with grilled vegetables and delicious. after a long day of packing it seems I was hungry again so I made a quick spaghetti bolognese with feta cheese which did the job and was actually really lovely.

the day of the journey was a good day food wise, you can actually find all my flight food and reviews here. I had a croissant, cheese sandwich and chocolate on the plane which I was really happy with. then when I got to Manchester me and the boyfriend went straight to Barburrito in Piccadilly Gardens which I had been looking forward to for ages, it's the best place for burritos and I had a char grilled chicken burrito with tortilla chips and it was wonderful. after a walk through town with my two suitcases (the boyfriend took one though, so it was all good) we went to costa to get a strawberries and cream creamy cooler before getting the train, best summer drink ever. for tea the boyfriend's mum made us some mediterranean chicken with potatoes. yeah, I had a lot of food that day. well worth it though.

wednesday was my first full day in the UK which means I obviously had to start the day with a sandwich, well, didn't have to but I did, me and the boyfriend made ourselves some tomato and mozzarella sandwiches which I guess aren't all that british anyway. we also made tea that day which was salmon with pesto and sweet potato chunks but the boyfriend took pictures of it which I don't have at the moment but I shall be doing a post about it if you want.

same on thursday, I'm sure we had more food than that (greek salad and mini egg bite thingy) but it just seems like I didn't take any pictures, sorry about that.

friday was the day we went to Chester, mainly to watch Monster's University (loved it!) but it's a really nice place so we went there early to have breakfast and found ourselves at Central Perk and if you love Friends as much as I do you would have loved it there. I had a peppermint tea and a chicken and roasted pepper sandwich which was absolutely delicious, the perfect breakfast. when we got back from Chester we started preparing for the boyfriend's parent's anniversary party the next day by making some surprise cupcakes for them, post coming up soon. for tea we had some pork with chips which was lovely and I was far too full afterwards.

saturday saw me going to Manchester again for my first ever bloggers meet up organised by the lovely Amy (but I'll do a post all about that). before the meet up we went for breakfast again this time at the manchester museum cafe, I had scrambled egg with smoked salmon on bread which was soooo lovely, really, very good. then at the meet up we all had food and  I went for a chicken ceasar wrap with curly fries which was perfect.

sunday the boyfriend's family and I went to a lovely place called Owd Nell's somewhere up north (post about it coming soon) and we had a lot of food again. pictured you can see my dinner which was a grilled goat's cheese salad with bacon bits! the perfect dinner in my opinion, especially as we had even more food afterwards which will be featured in the next post as the boyfriend took pictures again.

altogether it's been a lovely week food wise and in general, I'm really happy to be in the UK again as I've been missing it very much, although I do really miss everyone back home. 

hope you've all had a good week.


28 Jul 2013


here I am bringing you another episode of my flight food series. you might not remember this if you haven't been reading this blog for too long because I haven't done one for a while due to the lack of flying anywhere but I am now back in the UK so I thought I might aswell do this straight away.

as you can tell from the last two posts in the series (here & here) I usually fly from and to london and via ryanair which means I basically only have the choice of buying really expensive and not so nice food on board or getting myself something beforehand. obviously the more interesting side of doing these posts is to document the food that you actually get on board so this is why I'm really excited about this post as I went by swiss air this time meaning I actually got served food without any extra charges.

I went from Vienna to Manchester via Zürich which means two flights and two meals so there's even more to talk about.

the first flight was only a short one (about 50 minutes) which means I didn't have to wait long for the food and drinks to get to me. I got really nice croissant and some tea to go with it. it was really suitable for the time of the day, the flight left at 9:55 so it was a nice breakfast and the tea was actually really nice aswell. a bit after that they handed out some chocolate which I took and put in my bag for the boyfriend, she even came around with another round of croissants and being a student I can't deny free food, we had it for breakfast yesterday and it was still lovely.

we left Zürich again after only a short stay there but enough time for me to get from gate A to D and take a peek at exceptionally expensive swiss cheese at the airport.

luckily I didn't have to buy the cheese as I got a cheese sandwich on the plane after taking off. well not right after taking off but about half an hour into the flight. we had the choice between chicken and cheese sandwich but I thought being on a swiss plane I could really only go for cheese. I'm usually a chicken kinda gal but really wasn't disappointed by this. it doesn't look spectacular I know and it was basically just a bit of spread and cheese but that cheese really was lovely and the bread was nice and solid aswell. I had some coke to go with it as I was in need of a bit of sugar to survive the 1 1/2 hour flight. 

more sugar arrived after a little while in the form of this beautiful little bar of chocolate. having stored away the first one I really wanted to try one now and was happy about this opportunity. and you know it's true what they say, they really know how to make chocolate in switzerland. 

needless to say I was very pleased with the food on those two flights and that's not only because it was free but it was actually nice quality. I remember those days when we got whole meals like spaghetti and dessert on flights to greece but you can just as easily please me with some carefully selected snacks. I would happily make it my job to be a flying restaurant tester or whatever you'd call it. 

I'll be flying with a different airline on my way back to Austria so prepare yourself for another one of those posts. also please let me know if you enjoy them at all in the comments.


25 Jul 2013


it's been a while since my last recently post (here) which was mostly due to a lot of stuff going on resulting in me barely managing to take pictures of everything I eat. but I thought especially because there has been a lot going on it's about time to do another one of those posts where I just talk about my life lately. 

so recently my life has been all sorts of busy, mainly positively busy though so I can't really complain. but due to the planned move to the UK there's always something on my mind which makes me feel more busy than I actually am (as my mum always says, and she's right). other than the usual university and moving things I have also been planning my going away party which took place last friday and was a huge success (post is coming up). I invested a lot of time in it because I wanted to create another great memory for my family and friends resulting in about 24 hours of baking and even more of planning and crafty things such as making cake flags.

it was all a lot of work but I was so happy and really pleased with the result which is very unusual for me as even when it comes to cooking and baking (well, especially baking) I'm not very easily pleased with what I make. but I can honestly say this party was brilliant and I can't thank my family and friends enough for taking part in the pub quiz I made and eating all the food.

the days after the party were enjoyed chilling and watching gilmore girls with my mum while trying to figure out what to pack and having good food. the purpose of the packing was me flying over to the UK on the tuesday after the party and trying to take as much stuff as possible so I wouldn't have to take as much in september. 

well taking a lot of stuff didn't work as well as planned but I am now in the UK where I'm spending a kind of holiday meeting lovely people and viewing potential places to live and of course and most importantly spending some time with the boyfriend again. 

I've only been here a few days now but we've already done quite a bit, spend some time in manchester just after I arrived and planned the weeks ahead of us. there'll be plenty more trips to manchester and hopefully more of that nice weather that the UK has to offer at the moment (even though we've just had a shower of rain as I'm writing this, but that's what it's like here) so I'm really looking forward to the following days and I hope I'll have some more things to tell you in my next recently post.

hope you're all well and having a good summer whatever you're up to.


22 Jul 2013


I'm back with a little summary of my last week which includes almost all the meals that I've had during that week. on a side note, you'll probably realise that wednesday and thursday is missing, that is because those days were spent cooking and baking for my going away party on friday, I did have salmon on thursday but I generally just eat little bits while I'm in the kitchen and after about 10 hours in there I'm not hugely hungry anymore. so sorry those days are missing, they'll be back in next week's post that's for sure.

this week in general has been a good one, as I said I've been busy preparing everything for my party which was as much fun as it was exhausting but I'm really happy I did it all and the party was a huge success too. I'll do a whole post about it all that's for sure.

tomorrow I'm off to the UK again for two weeks and I really can't wait. so you'll have some british food in next week's post and there's some more post coming up aswell. but now onto the last week.

yes it's kebap again (we had some last week too) because me and my mum were both a bit too stressed to be creative and come up with something good. and sometimes fast food like this is just the best thing ever.

tuesday was spent shopping for food for the party which inspired me to make some spaghetti bolognese in the evening. we actually also had some gulasch at my dad's earlier of which I forgot to take a picture, but it was delicious.

so here we are on friday, the day of the party, and here you have a little sneaky preview of what we had to eat at the party. admittedly sandwiches are kind of obvious anyway which is why I chose this picture. I didn't have a huge amount to eat but they were really delicious.

friday night after the party I found myself fancying a schnitzel, so the day after me and my mum went and got ourselves one. this was truly delicious and the place is really lovely and deserves it's own review post, which it will get soon.

sunday was a very lovely day as it was sunny again (as always lately) and my mum and I went to a little lake to go swimming. it's the most lovely place and they also have great food there, we treated ourselves to a salad with sheep cheese which was just perfect for the weather. in the evening my mum made some grilled vegetables in the oven as a light dinner.

so that was last week, a short week when it comes to food but definitely a long week otherwise. I hope you've all had a good week and also a good start to this new week. what did you have to eat last week? let me know your favourite in the comments.


18 Jul 2013


so last friday me and my lovely friends Lena and Kathi went to Vienna. Vienna being the capital of our country is a place we'd been to many times before, but I actually hadn't been for a while and with moving to the UK and stuff I thought I'd be nice to see some more of my country before I leave. we met up at a coffee shop where I got myself a tea (obviously!) for the journey and we were all ready to go.

the main reason we went however is that my lovely friend Lena is going to uni there starting october and we went to do her registration. it was great to be there and see her uni and walk all the way down to where her student home will be. it did take us a while to actually find it and it was a hot day but we had so much fun.

after a while of walking towards the city centre we decided it was time to actually make a bit of a plan and we decided to go to the Naschmarkt which is a big market in the heart of Vienna (or pretty much) where they sell all sorts of food related things and there are also restaurants. I had gotten kind of hungry but we were going to another place for food after so I wasn't going to ruin that. we went to the nearest underground station without even knowing which one we actually needed, but it was a good day and we got the right one.

at the market there were so many smells and colours as always and I loved it. I love this market in general as I go there everytime I'm in Vienna even though I never really buy loads. I was going to buy sweet potatoes but it's really a bit annoying to carry them around with you all the time so I decided not to. but it's lovely enough just to look at all the fruits and spices. I ended up buying some dried cranberries for me and my mum and four pieces of falafel as a snack but I ended up only eating one and giving the rest to my mum when I was home.

after a little stroll through the market analysing why Lena doesn't like certain kinds of cheese and why I just want to eat everything we had to leave the market and go up to Mariahilferstraße which is basically the main shopping street in the city centre (again, kind of). we went there to meet Kathi who had gone off to a museum while we were doing uni and market stuff so we could finally go to where we wanted to have food; Vapiano. I won't tell you too much as I'll be doing a whole post about the food and everything there, but let me just tell you that it's a really cool place with a great concept and amazing food. somehow Lena managed to take an ok picture of me which will be inserted here.

needless to say that after our meal we could have just gone straight to bed or at least never moved again but apparently that wasn't happening. we just sat around for a while until we felt like our legs could carry us again after everything we'd eaten. then with it being a shopping street we couldn't not go shopping, well it was basically my fault because I really wanted to go to forever21 and so the girls decided to come with me, I didn't force them though I promise. well trying on clothes after eating a lot of pasta probably isn't the best idea, but at least I'll now know that they'll fit me perfectly even when I wear them to a meal.

after a successful visit to forever21 we were suddenly on our way home already, apparently the heat had been a bit too much that day and we couldn't take the city any longer. it was a really good day though, I always enjoy spending a day with some of my best friends exploring places I already know and don't know, I really hope they come visit me a lot when I'm in the UK so I can show them everything there.

now I also took a brilliant picture of them both at forever21 and they kindly gave me permission to use it on here. so here's Kathi and Lena in Vienna.

so that was our day in Vienna, it was really great and I think I'll be going again sometime soon (well I will be next tuesday when I'm flying to Manchester but that doesn't count). have you ever been to Vienna or would you like to go? let me know in the comments!


15 Jul 2013


wow, I can't believe I've been sticking to this feature for 12 weeks now (well, I did take a break for like two weeks in between but still). and I also can't believe how much has happened since I started this. I do love sharing my weekly meals with you guys and it's also a good way to tell you what I've been up to recently so it's kind of food and lifestyle in one, and for those who only want to see the food there's the pictures.

last week I mastered my last exam at uni in austria and it's good to have it all over and done with but it also made me kind of sad somehow. I've also had the chance to spend a day with my mum watching gilmore girls and eating junk food just as it should be. but let's get started and I'll tell you about it all in a bit more detail while you look at the pictures of the food.


monday was mostly spent studying and when I get up early to do that I sometimes forget about breakfast, which means around 11 I remembered and went to the kitchen to grab this mozzarella, tomato and ham semmel which kept me going for a while. later that day I had what was left of the chicken stew I made sunday (see in last week's post here) and I also thought it would be a good idea to make blueberry pancakes as a dessert, turned out it was actually a great idea! I shall be posting the recipe for these really soon.

this was the last day before my exam so my mum made dinner, she made pork in the wok with all sorts of vegetables and feta that's the name I gave it because I'm not very creative right now. for tea I had some toasted ham and cheese sandwiches with cranberry sauce which were actually amazing.

wednesday, the day of the exam. I chose to watch some more science videos instead of breakfast but got myself a ham and cheese roll on my way to uni, but I was too busy to take a picture of it. in the afternoon after my exam I made myself a little extrawurst salad with pumpkin seed oil as a little treat after the exam.

this was the day me and my mum decided to spend (basically) all day watching gilmore girls and eating junk food, and as you can't really get a good burger take away (shocking I know) anywhere near us we went for the next best suitable option which is kebap (chicken kebap to be precise) and soooo good. later on we had another extrawurst salad and I have to say it's just always better when my mum makes it.

on friday me and the girls went to vienna because one of my friends had to register for university there, I was all excited to go with her and stuff as I love things like that (obviously not when I have to do it myself, but when I can help people or at least act like it). it was a really nice day and we had a great time, I'll be telling about about the whole day in more detail in a post soon. but the most important thing is that we always go to a lovely modern italian restaurant where they have the best pasta, I had salsiccia con fichi which is lovely spicy italian sausage with figs in a tomato sauce, it was amazing.

on saturday I was invited to a friends birthday party which we celebrated on the roof of her house with pizza, cake and cider. there's no better way to spend your saturday evening I'm sure.

sunday was spent doing a few hours of work in the morning and then heading to my dad's for some food. we had a lovely greek salad as a starter and a tomato courgette soup as a second starter I suppose? then we had loads (and I mean loads!) of prawns with herb butter which were so yum but I just couldn't eat any more after that. after the meal my brother joined us too and we actually managed to sit there until around 9 in the evening. I love days like this.

well that's another week gone and a new one has just started. I hope you liked this post and please let me know what you liked about it and also tell me what your favourite meal this week was, I need inspiration too! have a great week everyone.


12 Jul 2013


hey lovlelies, today I'm off to vienna for the day with some of my friends to go and explore the city and most importantly register my friend at uni there where she'll be studying a really cool subject starting october. I'm quite proud and I always feel somewhat protective when it comes to my friends so I'm really happy I can be there too and I do love seeing university buildings so I'm sure we'll have a good time there too.

there's no exact plan what we'll do after, but I know we'll have some lovely food and I also know that there will be a post dedicated to it really soon. so for today I thought I'd leave you with a little easy summer recipe, as it's a lovely day here and hopefully it's the same where you are.

I love this little recipe which you probably can't even really call a recipe, call it inspiration. you know I love a good proper ice cream, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake (my favourite!) and all that, but sometimes I just feel like there's too many hot days to justify having an ice cream every single one of them. and this is where this lovely thing comes in, it's so deliciously fruity and refreshing and also really easy to make without an ice machine or anything (god I wish I had one of them! one day...) and all you need are two(!) ingredients which are not even expensive so it's really great for the budget too. so let's get started shall we.

Banana Strawberry Ice Cream
for 1-2 people

1 half frozen banana (put in the freezer for about 1-2 hours)
1 handfull frozen strawberries

all you have to do is take your banana and break it into pieces, put it in a mixing bowl/measuring cup together with the strawberries, take your hand held blender and blend until you have a smooth ice cream. if you don't have a hand held blender you can also just use a normal blender of course, just make sure you'll be able to get it all out of there aswell.

and that's all you need for your super healthy and super yummy banana and strawberry ice cream, you don't even need sugar because the banana is sweet enough. now you can enjoy it in the sun.

I hope you like this little recipe for some healthy ice cream. it's the perfect thing for that summer day and you can always make sure you have strawberries in the freezer and some bananas. I love a good fruity ice cream. let me know what you think!


9 Jul 2013


what a name right? I could've just given it a fancy name like 'the awesome smoothie' but really I like you to know what you're getting when you click on a recipe. which doesn't mean that this thing isn't awesome.

I am actually drinking it right this moment while writing this post (keeps me from forgetting what exactly I put into it) and it really is lovely. I'm currently in the middle of studying for my molecular and microbiology exam and even though I love cooking during exam time (gives my mind a rest from time to time) sometimes you're just too focused on bacteria, archaea and things to get yourself to the kitchen for longer than ten minutes. and for this I love smoothies, just take some fresh things and frozen things pour some yogurt in and blend. and you don't have to worry about cooking for the next few hours.

bananas are brilliant for smoothies because they keep you from having to use sugar and they're a great energy source. berries are always amazing because they have so many lovely things in them that are good for you. in this one I also used prunes as an extra sweetener and because they're good for my iron (supposedly).

'the awesome smoothie'
Berry Banana Prune Yogurt Smoothie
for one

1 banana (medium)
1 handfull frozen blueberries
1 handfull frozen raspberries
(you can also add strawberries if you want)
200 g yogurt
2-3 prunes

it's as simple as it gets: peel your banana and put it in the blender along with all your other ingredients. alternatively you can also use a hand held blender and a measuring cup or a similar thing to hold your ingredients.

you can now enjoy this while watching a video like this or alternatively do things normal people do. most importantly enjoy your smoothie.


8 Jul 2013


what a week, and for some reason I'm still managing to post this only one day late (and not on thursday like last week, huh) so I have to say I'm quite proud of myself. I'm in that phase now where everything is just going wrong that can possibly go wrong and I'm just trying to somehow stay normal and manage my things as much as I possibly can. I have work to do and I have an exam coming up on wednesday which I have been studying for the last couple of days (as you might have been able to tell by my crazy science tweets). but the weather has been nice and I've managed to spend a crazy rainy afternoon with my girls so it hasn't all been bad. 

food wise I've obviously been a little lazier than I usually am, I still love to cook even when I'm busy because it makes me relax, but I just lack a lot of creativeness which means I'll end up standing in the kitchen looking in the fridge, looking through the cupboards and ending up eating a piece of bread with a piece of cheese. luckily for you and for me, I did manage to make some proper meals too, so you won't be seeing pictures of bread and cheese every single day.

I started monday with some nuts and prunes to keep my energy levels up while working. then I had the glorious idea to make this lovely cauliflower garlic soup which managed to make me really happy. I seem to be loving soups lately.

tuesday was the last day of lectures in uni for me which made me kind of sad as I won't be going to any more lectures in september of course. I went for a bit of an austrian brunch (here's the slice of bread I've been talking about) with same jause: extrawurst, pickled chili peppers and tomato. this managed to keep me going while doing work so did it's job and tasted yum. later on I had some more of my cauliflower garlic soup along with a greek salad with extrawurst a weird combination but truly beautiful.

after complaining to my mum in the morning that I didn't want pasta, I ended up making pasta. that's how it goes sometimes. I made a lovely spinach pesto which I shall be blogging about soon.

thursday it was my mum's turn to cook and she made lovely roasted liver which I served with some buttered cauliflower. perfect. I now want cauliflower with everything.

friday was 'I want to feel like I'm on holiday' day and my mum made souvlaki with greek salad and tzatziki. I could honestly eat this every (other) day during the summer. I actually posted a souvlaki recipe the other day which you can find here, it's super easy and you can make them without a BBQ.

on saturday I was revising the whole day which kind of made me forget to make something to eat, so luckily my mum came to the rescue and made some Kaiserschmarn (basically pancake dough in little bits with raisins). in the evening and way too late but I was hungry, I made myself a greek salad with chicken bits which was just the right thing to do I believe.

so yesterday I kind of got back into normal mode, still revising for my microbiology exam for most of the day but I managed to make this lovely berry banana and prunes smoothie which I will be posting a recipe for tomorrow or the day after. and then again I made a lovely chicken stew which I can't get enough of lately. you will find this in last week's a week in meals post aswell.

so that was another week full of lovely and sometimes boring working and exam stress food, but it was nice and I hope your food has been good too. also, how has your week been? hopefully not as stressful and weird as mine, but if yes, then let's all hope that this week will be better shall we.


6 Jul 2013


now, if you're not greek, haven't been to greece or spend some time studying the menu of a greek restaurant you might be asking what are souvlaki? souvlaki are basically skewers made of mostly not-so-lean pork or other meat and grilled. the original version doesn't contain anything other than lovely meat, a bit of olive oil and spices. however, when we make them (as in me and my mum, or just me) we add some vegetables and sometimes even bacon (if we're cheeky). this is something I love to eat in summer especially because it just gives me that holiday BBQ feeling and when I eat it with some tzatziki it keeps me from missing the beach and the mediterranean. at least for a little bit.

if you don't have a BBQ in your flat (if you do, you shouldn't) then don't be afraid, you can most definitely make them in the oven, they won't have the lovely BBQ flavour (naturally) but they'll still be amazing, trust me, we don't have a BBQ here either.

another thing that I love about them is that you can of course eat them with potatoes or other lovely side dishes, but if you're trying to reduce your carbs you definitely won't miss them if you just have one or two skewers with a lot of tzatziki which is just yogurt, garlic and cucumber and also very healthy. also, I always use lean pork mainly because I don't particularly like the taste of fat anyway. to add another healthy side dish, I love to have it with greek salad, which will definitely not leave you hungry.

 something else that makes it the perfect thing is that you practically spend no time in the kitchen, you can prepare them and leave in the fridge and then simply chuck in the oven for when you want them.

Souvlaki with Vegetables and Bacon
and Tzatziki
for two

300 g pork (ideally tenderloin, pork chops or similar)
2 red peppers
2 onions
approx. 16 slices of streaky bacon

greek/full fat yogurt
1/2 cucumber
1 clove garlic
olive oil

you'll start by preparing the skewers, ideally use metal skewers as it's easier to get the meat of those, if you don't have any then wooden ones will be fine if you put some olive oil on the first.

cut the meat into chunks whatever size you want them to be, then cut the veg into equal chunks. take your skewers and arrange meat and veg on the evenly.

you can now either put them in the oven straight away, or cover them with a bit of olive oil and herbs and keep in the fridge wrapped in tinfoil. if you put them in the oven, make sure it's pre-heated to about 180°C.

while they're in the oven/fridge you can make your tzatziki; simply pour your yogurt into a bowl and add the minced garlic and a bit of olive oil. grate the cucumber onto a plate and add salt, this will take some of the water out of the cucumber and keep your tzatziki from getting too watery instead of creamy and yum. simply press the water out of the cucumbers and add to the mixture. all done. you can now keep it in the fridge until your skewers are done.

once the souvlaki are done, serve with some tzatziki and your side dish of choice and enjoy a bit of mediterranean holiday feeling.

I could definitely use a bit of real holiday at the moment, but as I won't get that kind of holiday I'm happy with some food that reminds me of it. how about you? what's your favourite holiday feeling food and where will you be going this summer?


4 Jul 2013


so this should have been up sunday but very clearly it's not sunday today so I'd like to apologise again, but as I mentioned in my last post my life has been rather busy lately, and unfortunately this always comes along suddenly, making me unable to schedule posts which means I have been neglecting my blog lately. I have hope that it will all get back to normal eventually, but this won't happen before next week so bare with me until then.

lately I have been feeling the need to eat croissants whenever possible, they're just so yum. my dinner on monday was inspired by this recipe by the lovely trina, I shall be doing a post about this seperately if I find time.

having some chicken and potatoes left over I made some chicken chunks with spinach potatoes and for dessert I had a berry cake with tea that I took home from a party on saturday, cheeky.

wednesday was pizza day, and you can clearly tell that I had more time for food last week than I do this week, wish I had pizza now, was delicious!

thursday life started getting busier so I didn't have the time for a proper meal, just picked up some lovely truffle tortellini, my go to ready meal, sounds posh but I'm really not. just love truffles.

friday I was invited to my dad's for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday, as you can see this dinner is not pictured here as it would take up a whole lot of space, and I'm going to do a whole post about it when I find time. so here you can see my breakfast, a watermelon.

saturday I was at my dad's again as there was a little celebration going on in the little village where he lives. before going we had a lovely plate full of grilled vegetables which is one of my favourite things ever. at the party I had grilled courgette and salads as well as the biggest plate full of dessert ever.

sunday morning my mum found herself on the way to the bakery buying me a croissant, because I just can't live without it and a cup of tea. she also made dinner that day which was amazingly fresh trout with herbs and rice, I do love fish I do.

so that was another week full of food. I apologise once again for the lack of blogging on my part, I hope you'll keep coming back though and I promise I'll try my best to post a bit more regularly.