22 Jul 2013


I'm back with a little summary of my last week which includes almost all the meals that I've had during that week. on a side note, you'll probably realise that wednesday and thursday is missing, that is because those days were spent cooking and baking for my going away party on friday, I did have salmon on thursday but I generally just eat little bits while I'm in the kitchen and after about 10 hours in there I'm not hugely hungry anymore. so sorry those days are missing, they'll be back in next week's post that's for sure.

this week in general has been a good one, as I said I've been busy preparing everything for my party which was as much fun as it was exhausting but I'm really happy I did it all and the party was a huge success too. I'll do a whole post about it all that's for sure.

tomorrow I'm off to the UK again for two weeks and I really can't wait. so you'll have some british food in next week's post and there's some more post coming up aswell. but now onto the last week.

yes it's kebap again (we had some last week too) because me and my mum were both a bit too stressed to be creative and come up with something good. and sometimes fast food like this is just the best thing ever.

tuesday was spent shopping for food for the party which inspired me to make some spaghetti bolognese in the evening. we actually also had some gulasch at my dad's earlier of which I forgot to take a picture, but it was delicious.

so here we are on friday, the day of the party, and here you have a little sneaky preview of what we had to eat at the party. admittedly sandwiches are kind of obvious anyway which is why I chose this picture. I didn't have a huge amount to eat but they were really delicious.

friday night after the party I found myself fancying a schnitzel, so the day after me and my mum went and got ourselves one. this was truly delicious and the place is really lovely and deserves it's own review post, which it will get soon.

sunday was a very lovely day as it was sunny again (as always lately) and my mum and I went to a little lake to go swimming. it's the most lovely place and they also have great food there, we treated ourselves to a salad with sheep cheese which was just perfect for the weather. in the evening my mum made some grilled vegetables in the oven as a light dinner.

so that was last week, a short week when it comes to food but definitely a long week otherwise. I hope you've all had a good week and also a good start to this new week. what did you have to eat last week? let me know your favourite in the comments.



Just Me Leah said...

Every time I read one of these posts my stomach growls loud enough for you to hear me in Austria! x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

oh so it wasn't thunder ;) xx

Just Me Leah said...

No, it was meee! x x