18 Jul 2013


so last friday me and my lovely friends Lena and Kathi went to Vienna. Vienna being the capital of our country is a place we'd been to many times before, but I actually hadn't been for a while and with moving to the UK and stuff I thought I'd be nice to see some more of my country before I leave. we met up at a coffee shop where I got myself a tea (obviously!) for the journey and we were all ready to go.

the main reason we went however is that my lovely friend Lena is going to uni there starting october and we went to do her registration. it was great to be there and see her uni and walk all the way down to where her student home will be. it did take us a while to actually find it and it was a hot day but we had so much fun.

after a while of walking towards the city centre we decided it was time to actually make a bit of a plan and we decided to go to the Naschmarkt which is a big market in the heart of Vienna (or pretty much) where they sell all sorts of food related things and there are also restaurants. I had gotten kind of hungry but we were going to another place for food after so I wasn't going to ruin that. we went to the nearest underground station without even knowing which one we actually needed, but it was a good day and we got the right one.

at the market there were so many smells and colours as always and I loved it. I love this market in general as I go there everytime I'm in Vienna even though I never really buy loads. I was going to buy sweet potatoes but it's really a bit annoying to carry them around with you all the time so I decided not to. but it's lovely enough just to look at all the fruits and spices. I ended up buying some dried cranberries for me and my mum and four pieces of falafel as a snack but I ended up only eating one and giving the rest to my mum when I was home.

after a little stroll through the market analysing why Lena doesn't like certain kinds of cheese and why I just want to eat everything we had to leave the market and go up to Mariahilferstraße which is basically the main shopping street in the city centre (again, kind of). we went there to meet Kathi who had gone off to a museum while we were doing uni and market stuff so we could finally go to where we wanted to have food; Vapiano. I won't tell you too much as I'll be doing a whole post about the food and everything there, but let me just tell you that it's a really cool place with a great concept and amazing food. somehow Lena managed to take an ok picture of me which will be inserted here.

needless to say that after our meal we could have just gone straight to bed or at least never moved again but apparently that wasn't happening. we just sat around for a while until we felt like our legs could carry us again after everything we'd eaten. then with it being a shopping street we couldn't not go shopping, well it was basically my fault because I really wanted to go to forever21 and so the girls decided to come with me, I didn't force them though I promise. well trying on clothes after eating a lot of pasta probably isn't the best idea, but at least I'll now know that they'll fit me perfectly even when I wear them to a meal.

after a successful visit to forever21 we were suddenly on our way home already, apparently the heat had been a bit too much that day and we couldn't take the city any longer. it was a really good day though, I always enjoy spending a day with some of my best friends exploring places I already know and don't know, I really hope they come visit me a lot when I'm in the UK so I can show them everything there.

now I also took a brilliant picture of them both at forever21 and they kindly gave me permission to use it on here. so here's Kathi and Lena in Vienna.

so that was our day in Vienna, it was really great and I think I'll be going again sometime soon (well I will be next tuesday when I'm flying to Manchester but that doesn't count). have you ever been to Vienna or would you like to go? let me know in the comments!


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Lena said...

THANKS for coming with me!!! it was such a nice day :D