8 Jul 2013


what a week, and for some reason I'm still managing to post this only one day late (and not on thursday like last week, huh) so I have to say I'm quite proud of myself. I'm in that phase now where everything is just going wrong that can possibly go wrong and I'm just trying to somehow stay normal and manage my things as much as I possibly can. I have work to do and I have an exam coming up on wednesday which I have been studying for the last couple of days (as you might have been able to tell by my crazy science tweets). but the weather has been nice and I've managed to spend a crazy rainy afternoon with my girls so it hasn't all been bad. 

food wise I've obviously been a little lazier than I usually am, I still love to cook even when I'm busy because it makes me relax, but I just lack a lot of creativeness which means I'll end up standing in the kitchen looking in the fridge, looking through the cupboards and ending up eating a piece of bread with a piece of cheese. luckily for you and for me, I did manage to make some proper meals too, so you won't be seeing pictures of bread and cheese every single day.

I started monday with some nuts and prunes to keep my energy levels up while working. then I had the glorious idea to make this lovely cauliflower garlic soup which managed to make me really happy. I seem to be loving soups lately.

tuesday was the last day of lectures in uni for me which made me kind of sad as I won't be going to any more lectures in september of course. I went for a bit of an austrian brunch (here's the slice of bread I've been talking about) with same jause: extrawurst, pickled chili peppers and tomato. this managed to keep me going while doing work so did it's job and tasted yum. later on I had some more of my cauliflower garlic soup along with a greek salad with extrawurst a weird combination but truly beautiful.

after complaining to my mum in the morning that I didn't want pasta, I ended up making pasta. that's how it goes sometimes. I made a lovely spinach pesto which I shall be blogging about soon.

thursday it was my mum's turn to cook and she made lovely roasted liver which I served with some buttered cauliflower. perfect. I now want cauliflower with everything.

friday was 'I want to feel like I'm on holiday' day and my mum made souvlaki with greek salad and tzatziki. I could honestly eat this every (other) day during the summer. I actually posted a souvlaki recipe the other day which you can find here, it's super easy and you can make them without a BBQ.

on saturday I was revising the whole day which kind of made me forget to make something to eat, so luckily my mum came to the rescue and made some Kaiserschmarn (basically pancake dough in little bits with raisins). in the evening and way too late but I was hungry, I made myself a greek salad with chicken bits which was just the right thing to do I believe.

so yesterday I kind of got back into normal mode, still revising for my microbiology exam for most of the day but I managed to make this lovely berry banana and prunes smoothie which I will be posting a recipe for tomorrow or the day after. and then again I made a lovely chicken stew which I can't get enough of lately. you will find this in last week's a week in meals post aswell.

so that was another week full of lovely and sometimes boring working and exam stress food, but it was nice and I hope your food has been good too. also, how has your week been? hopefully not as stressful and weird as mine, but if yes, then let's all hope that this week will be better shall we.



Instant Delight said...

This looks all yummy you have a good taste I can tell ;) xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you very much :) xx