9 Jul 2013


what a name right? I could've just given it a fancy name like 'the awesome smoothie' but really I like you to know what you're getting when you click on a recipe. which doesn't mean that this thing isn't awesome.

I am actually drinking it right this moment while writing this post (keeps me from forgetting what exactly I put into it) and it really is lovely. I'm currently in the middle of studying for my molecular and microbiology exam and even though I love cooking during exam time (gives my mind a rest from time to time) sometimes you're just too focused on bacteria, archaea and things to get yourself to the kitchen for longer than ten minutes. and for this I love smoothies, just take some fresh things and frozen things pour some yogurt in and blend. and you don't have to worry about cooking for the next few hours.

bananas are brilliant for smoothies because they keep you from having to use sugar and they're a great energy source. berries are always amazing because they have so many lovely things in them that are good for you. in this one I also used prunes as an extra sweetener and because they're good for my iron (supposedly).

'the awesome smoothie'
Berry Banana Prune Yogurt Smoothie
for one

1 banana (medium)
1 handfull frozen blueberries
1 handfull frozen raspberries
(you can also add strawberries if you want)
200 g yogurt
2-3 prunes

it's as simple as it gets: peel your banana and put it in the blender along with all your other ingredients. alternatively you can also use a hand held blender and a measuring cup or a similar thing to hold your ingredients.

you can now enjoy this while watching a video like this or alternatively do things normal people do. most importantly enjoy your smoothie.



Rhiannon said...

Looks yummy! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thanks lovely :) xx

being erica said...


Margaret Hewitt said...

feel like running out now to buy ingredients just love the texture and colour. my shopping list for tomorrow.You didnt mention is it a laxative as well.. ...

Magdalena Hannah said...

I'm glad you liked it! it's not meant to be, just meant to taste great :) x