12 Jul 2013


hey lovlelies, today I'm off to vienna for the day with some of my friends to go and explore the city and most importantly register my friend at uni there where she'll be studying a really cool subject starting october. I'm quite proud and I always feel somewhat protective when it comes to my friends so I'm really happy I can be there too and I do love seeing university buildings so I'm sure we'll have a good time there too.

there's no exact plan what we'll do after, but I know we'll have some lovely food and I also know that there will be a post dedicated to it really soon. so for today I thought I'd leave you with a little easy summer recipe, as it's a lovely day here and hopefully it's the same where you are.

I love this little recipe which you probably can't even really call a recipe, call it inspiration. you know I love a good proper ice cream, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake (my favourite!) and all that, but sometimes I just feel like there's too many hot days to justify having an ice cream every single one of them. and this is where this lovely thing comes in, it's so deliciously fruity and refreshing and also really easy to make without an ice machine or anything (god I wish I had one of them! one day...) and all you need are two(!) ingredients which are not even expensive so it's really great for the budget too. so let's get started shall we.

Banana Strawberry Ice Cream
for 1-2 people

1 half frozen banana (put in the freezer for about 1-2 hours)
1 handfull frozen strawberries

all you have to do is take your banana and break it into pieces, put it in a mixing bowl/measuring cup together with the strawberries, take your hand held blender and blend until you have a smooth ice cream. if you don't have a hand held blender you can also just use a normal blender of course, just make sure you'll be able to get it all out of there aswell.

and that's all you need for your super healthy and super yummy banana and strawberry ice cream, you don't even need sugar because the banana is sweet enough. now you can enjoy it in the sun.

I hope you like this little recipe for some healthy ice cream. it's the perfect thing for that summer day and you can always make sure you have strawberries in the freezer and some bananas. I love a good fruity ice cream. let me know what you think!



Just Me Leah said...

Yummy! I must do this. x x

Wonderlusting said...

I love making banana ice-cream - quick, delish and healthy. Must say though i disagree with you on one thing - I could totally justify eating icecream every single day!

Kayleigh Parker said...

This looks to die for! Perfect for a day like today.. or tomorrow. Ooh I think I know what I'll be making tomorrow :P



Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you very much! and yeah you're probably right, I always find a way to justify it too! :D xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you so much! hope you'll enjoy it :) xx

Stef said...

Very cool idea!im going to try it!:-)