25 Jul 2013


it's been a while since my last recently post (here) which was mostly due to a lot of stuff going on resulting in me barely managing to take pictures of everything I eat. but I thought especially because there has been a lot going on it's about time to do another one of those posts where I just talk about my life lately. 

so recently my life has been all sorts of busy, mainly positively busy though so I can't really complain. but due to the planned move to the UK there's always something on my mind which makes me feel more busy than I actually am (as my mum always says, and she's right). other than the usual university and moving things I have also been planning my going away party which took place last friday and was a huge success (post is coming up). I invested a lot of time in it because I wanted to create another great memory for my family and friends resulting in about 24 hours of baking and even more of planning and crafty things such as making cake flags.

it was all a lot of work but I was so happy and really pleased with the result which is very unusual for me as even when it comes to cooking and baking (well, especially baking) I'm not very easily pleased with what I make. but I can honestly say this party was brilliant and I can't thank my family and friends enough for taking part in the pub quiz I made and eating all the food.

the days after the party were enjoyed chilling and watching gilmore girls with my mum while trying to figure out what to pack and having good food. the purpose of the packing was me flying over to the UK on the tuesday after the party and trying to take as much stuff as possible so I wouldn't have to take as much in september. 

well taking a lot of stuff didn't work as well as planned but I am now in the UK where I'm spending a kind of holiday meeting lovely people and viewing potential places to live and of course and most importantly spending some time with the boyfriend again. 

I've only been here a few days now but we've already done quite a bit, spend some time in manchester just after I arrived and planned the weeks ahead of us. there'll be plenty more trips to manchester and hopefully more of that nice weather that the UK has to offer at the moment (even though we've just had a shower of rain as I'm writing this, but that's what it's like here) so I'm really looking forward to the following days and I hope I'll have some more things to tell you in my next recently post.

hope you're all well and having a good summer whatever you're up to.


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