30 Jul 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: Bedroom

Being a student in the UK means moving to a new place is on the agenda pretty much every summer. However, unlike most other second year students I am not moving into a house with 5 coursemates, instead after having lived in a house with two housemates last year I decided to get my own little studio flat. I managed to find one that was affordable and could still fit me in it so I'm pretty excited to be moving in.

As the flat is furnished I hopefully won't have to buy too much furniture myself, but I know there will be certain things that I will need to get as I haven't really bough many things for my place over the last year. I have spent many hours on the internet looking for things I might need/want so I thought I'd share them with you on here, starting with things for the bedroom. There will be a bed in the flat but that's about it so here are some things I've been looking at.

1. Quilt Cover - IKEA
Considering I owned just one set of quilt and pillow covers for about 4 months last year (which yes, I did wash) I am quite proud of myself to have this on my list this early. I do now own two sets but I believe three is a good number and this floral one is perfect for me.

2. Floral Throw - Butlers
I've been after a floral throw for ages, I had my eyes on one from dotcomgiftshop for a while but that one is way too expensive. To be honest this one from Butlers is still too expensive but I have hope that one day I will find one I can afford.

3. Cushion Owl - Butlers
One can never have too many own themed items. I already have an owl called Henrietta who sits on my bed during the day so I am sure she would welcome an owly companion.

4. Green Cushion Cover - H&M Home
I'd like some decorative yet practical cushions in my bedroom. Since I won't have a sofa I will probably use my bed for things like watching films or tv shows on my laptop so some more cushions would be very useful. I love the mint colour of this one especially, and it's currently on sale (fingers crossed it stays like that until I can actually order it)

5. Rose Party Lights - dotcomgiftshop
In all honesty I have no idea where I would put these, maybe on my bookshelf? They're not the most necessary items and this version isn't exactly affordable either. So if someone finds a cheaper version please let me know.

6. Bedside Table - IKEA
I definitely need a bedside table this time around, using a pile of magazines wasn't the most practical thing to do but it worked for the last ten months I guess. This little item from IKEA is perfect, it's really affordable and would go with the other pieces of furniture I might buy. Definitely on my 'to buy' list.

7. Green Alarm Clock - dotcomgiftshop
Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might recognise this item, it featured on a wishlist last year already but I still want it and thought this would be a good reminder for myself to finally get around to buying it. Wouldn't it look lovely on my bedside table?

8. Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch - eBay
I am currently reading the first book of this series, Rivers Of London and I absolutely love the style of it. It combines both crime and magic which are two things I love to read about so I cannot wait to read this second book of the series.

9. Autumn Bergamot & Grapefruit Candle - Flamingo Candles
This is the perfect scent for a cosy autumn evening which makes it the perfect bedside table candle in my opinion. I tried this scent as one of flamingo candles' scent melts and loved it so I couldn't stop myself from ordering the candle version when they had 20% off the other day.


28 Jul 2014

I'm Moving To The UK! Again!

Well I'm not technically moving to the UK again, although I am currently in my hometown in Austria but since I've already moved to the UK once I'm sure it doesn't really count as big news.
What is big news however (at least to me) is that I am going to be moving into a little flat which will be all mine. Well I am renting it, so not technically mine, but you get what I mean right? (yup, no housemates.)

It is a little studio which has everything I really need. A bedroom/livingroom/office, seperate kitchen and bathroom and even a room for storage. Perfect if you ask me.

I will of course be doing some posts of what it looks like once it's all ready to be photographed, but up until then I thought it would be nice to start off with some wishlists. I have been on several websites over the last few weeks and have accumulated quite a few items. Maybe you guys can help me what I need and what I don't really need. And most importantly, what I should get even though I don't really need it.

The first wishlist will be up this wednesday, keeping with the old theme. So I hope I'll see you all then.