28 Jul 2014

I'm Moving To The UK! Again!

Well I'm not technically moving to the UK again, although I am currently in my hometown in Austria but since I've already moved to the UK once I'm sure it doesn't really count as big news.
What is big news however (at least to me) is that I am going to be moving into a little flat which will be all mine. Well I am renting it, so not technically mine, but you get what I mean right? (yup, no housemates.)

It is a little studio which has everything I really need. A bedroom/livingroom/office, seperate kitchen and bathroom and even a room for storage. Perfect if you ask me.

I will of course be doing some posts of what it looks like once it's all ready to be photographed, but up until then I thought it would be nice to start off with some wishlists. I have been on several websites over the last few weeks and have accumulated quite a few items. Maybe you guys can help me what I need and what I don't really need. And most importantly, what I should get even though I don't really need it.

The first wishlist will be up this wednesday, keeping with the old theme. So I hope I'll see you all then.


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