4 Jul 2013


so this should have been up sunday but very clearly it's not sunday today so I'd like to apologise again, but as I mentioned in my last post my life has been rather busy lately, and unfortunately this always comes along suddenly, making me unable to schedule posts which means I have been neglecting my blog lately. I have hope that it will all get back to normal eventually, but this won't happen before next week so bare with me until then.

lately I have been feeling the need to eat croissants whenever possible, they're just so yum. my dinner on monday was inspired by this recipe by the lovely trina, I shall be doing a post about this seperately if I find time.

having some chicken and potatoes left over I made some chicken chunks with spinach potatoes and for dessert I had a berry cake with tea that I took home from a party on saturday, cheeky.

wednesday was pizza day, and you can clearly tell that I had more time for food last week than I do this week, wish I had pizza now, was delicious!

thursday life started getting busier so I didn't have the time for a proper meal, just picked up some lovely truffle tortellini, my go to ready meal, sounds posh but I'm really not. just love truffles.

friday I was invited to my dad's for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday, as you can see this dinner is not pictured here as it would take up a whole lot of space, and I'm going to do a whole post about it when I find time. so here you can see my breakfast, a watermelon.

saturday I was at my dad's again as there was a little celebration going on in the little village where he lives. before going we had a lovely plate full of grilled vegetables which is one of my favourite things ever. at the party I had grilled courgette and salads as well as the biggest plate full of dessert ever.

sunday morning my mum found herself on the way to the bakery buying me a croissant, because I just can't live without it and a cup of tea. she also made dinner that day which was amazingly fresh trout with herbs and rice, I do love fish I do.

so that was another week full of food. I apologise once again for the lack of blogging on my part, I hope you'll keep coming back though and I promise I'll try my best to post a bit more regularly. 


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