31 Jul 2013


as mentioned last week, I am now in the UK and enjoying some of the food this country has to offer as well as cooking myself. I arrived in Manchester last tuesday and there has been so much going on since. I'm staying in North Wales but we took two trips back to Manchester, a trip to Chester and many more. so needless to say it's been a busy week but I've really been enjoying it all and it's great to be with the boyfriend again and cook together too. yes we do that.

monday was the last day home before flying to the UK and obviously I still had a lot of packing to do as I always leave it until the last minute (just me?) so my lovely mum made dinner which was pork tenderloin medallions with grilled vegetables and delicious. after a long day of packing it seems I was hungry again so I made a quick spaghetti bolognese with feta cheese which did the job and was actually really lovely.

the day of the journey was a good day food wise, you can actually find all my flight food and reviews here. I had a croissant, cheese sandwich and chocolate on the plane which I was really happy with. then when I got to Manchester me and the boyfriend went straight to Barburrito in Piccadilly Gardens which I had been looking forward to for ages, it's the best place for burritos and I had a char grilled chicken burrito with tortilla chips and it was wonderful. after a walk through town with my two suitcases (the boyfriend took one though, so it was all good) we went to costa to get a strawberries and cream creamy cooler before getting the train, best summer drink ever. for tea the boyfriend's mum made us some mediterranean chicken with potatoes. yeah, I had a lot of food that day. well worth it though.

wednesday was my first full day in the UK which means I obviously had to start the day with a sandwich, well, didn't have to but I did, me and the boyfriend made ourselves some tomato and mozzarella sandwiches which I guess aren't all that british anyway. we also made tea that day which was salmon with pesto and sweet potato chunks but the boyfriend took pictures of it which I don't have at the moment but I shall be doing a post about it if you want.

same on thursday, I'm sure we had more food than that (greek salad and mini egg bite thingy) but it just seems like I didn't take any pictures, sorry about that.

friday was the day we went to Chester, mainly to watch Monster's University (loved it!) but it's a really nice place so we went there early to have breakfast and found ourselves at Central Perk and if you love Friends as much as I do you would have loved it there. I had a peppermint tea and a chicken and roasted pepper sandwich which was absolutely delicious, the perfect breakfast. when we got back from Chester we started preparing for the boyfriend's parent's anniversary party the next day by making some surprise cupcakes for them, post coming up soon. for tea we had some pork with chips which was lovely and I was far too full afterwards.

saturday saw me going to Manchester again for my first ever bloggers meet up organised by the lovely Amy (but I'll do a post all about that). before the meet up we went for breakfast again this time at the manchester museum cafe, I had scrambled egg with smoked salmon on bread which was soooo lovely, really, very good. then at the meet up we all had food and  I went for a chicken ceasar wrap with curly fries which was perfect.

sunday the boyfriend's family and I went to a lovely place called Owd Nell's somewhere up north (post about it coming soon) and we had a lot of food again. pictured you can see my dinner which was a grilled goat's cheese salad with bacon bits! the perfect dinner in my opinion, especially as we had even more food afterwards which will be featured in the next post as the boyfriend took pictures again.

altogether it's been a lovely week food wise and in general, I'm really happy to be in the UK again as I've been missing it very much, although I do really miss everyone back home. 

hope you've all had a good week.



Tilly said...

You need to get some fish and chips or curry down you! :P x

Magdalena Hannah said...

we had curry on wednesday! now I remember! but yeah I need fish and chips soon! haha xx

Sarah said...

Central Perk is just around the corner from my house, but I haven't been yet. Sounds delicious though! Hope you're having fun in the UK :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

you should really go it's so lovely there! I'm very tempted to go again haha xx