2 Aug 2013

Eating Out #7: THE FONT - MANCHESTER (Manchester Blogger Meet Up)

last saturday I attended my first ever blogger meet up which had been organised by the lovely Amy. it took place in Manchester which was even better because it meant I got to know some people who live new the city I'll be living in very soon plus they are all bloggers which makes it even better.

when Amy told me that she was organising a meet up which would be the exact week I was coming to the UK I was obviously really excited because there had been many meet ups before which I couldn't go to because I wasn't in the country. the meet up was held at a lovely  bar/restaurant near oxford road and since we all had food there I thought it would be rude not to tell you all about it.

the font bar manchester is located only a few minutes walk from oxford road station a little bit hidden but not too hard to find, I actually went there in the morning after arriving in manchester just to make sure I would find it after and not end up being late to the meet up. 
when I arrived there around 1:20 pm I was a little nervous, I didn't know anyone who was going to be at the meet up and Amy was the only one I had talked to on twitter before, I found her and some others downstairs and we went to get a drink, soon after more bloggers started to arrive and we all started chatting along.

a had a lovely cocktail innocently called peach iced tea, it was lovely and actually tasted like peach iced tea, you can find the whole cocktail menu here. they're all lovely and cheap.

I had been looking through the food menu ever since I arrived because it usually takes me ages to decide what I want and I didn't want everyone else to have to wait for me. there are many lovely things on there and they are, just like the cocktails, very affordable. as I had quite a big breakfast and knew we'd be having something later on that day I went for one of the wraps, chicken ceasar with curly fries. it also came with a very generous portion of salad which I was really happy about.

the wrap was delicious and as far as I know everyone else loved their food too, you can see Amy's burger in her post about the meet up here.

after we had food we spent some more time just talking and getting to know each other. a little later we went to the city centre to do some shopping. unfortunately I had to leave the girls not long after because I had to get the train back.  I just want to thank Amy again for organising it all, it was really great to meet so many new bloggers and I hope I will see them all again sometime when I'm in manchester. it was a great day of meeting new people, drinking nice cocktails and eating lovely food. thanks for everyone who made my first meet up a really good one.



Tilly said...

I'm glad you had a fabulous time, love! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

wish you could've been there though! can't wait to finally meet you!