25 Aug 2013


another week has gone and I really don't know where it's gone, I can't believe it's sunday again which also means only five days until I fly over to the UK. my room is still a mess but most things are in boxes now and I know what I'm going to take so it's all going well I think. I'm still really stressed and busy and apparently this resulted in me forgetting to take pictures of some of the things I've eaten this past week including all of wednesday and I can't even remember what I had to eat that day that's how busy I've been. I'm sure you'll understand and won't mind a shorter week in meals post this week.

monday was the last day I spent by myself before my mum came back from switzerland, it was also my blog birthday which resulted in this lovely double layer lemon cheesecake the recipe for which can be found here. for dinner I had a lovely quick chicken satay.

on tuesday my mum returned and brought back some lovely swiss treats, in the evening we went out for a meal with some of our best friends, we went to an italian and had amazing food such as beef carpaccio and pizza as starters to share and then I had grilled squid which was also amazing. we had a great evening and I'm sure everyone else did too.

I went to my dad's for dinner on thursday and we had mixed salad as a starter and then a lot of food including lovely greek green beans in tomato sauce which I adore and think I need to teach myself how to make them.

on friday it was BBQ time at my friends because I wanted to see everyone again and knew I wouldn't get the chance to this coming week, I took over the BBQ as everyone else didn't seem too sure what to do, this mean I couldn't get anything to eat myself for a while but when I did it was definitely worth it.

saturday was a lazy day and so it was perfect that me and my mum decided to make burgers and watch gilmore girls. two of these might have been a bit too much but oh they're so good!

today is a bit more active again which means packing, packing and more packing. my mum made this lovely greek salad earlier which was just perfect for my little break.

I hope you've had a good week with lovely food, let me know what you enjoyed this past week!


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