12 Aug 2013


so this week I'm posting this almost on time which is partly because I'm back home in Austria now and even though I have a lot to do at the moment I'm doing it all at home which enables me to post posts on time. 

I got back here on tuesday after two amazing and amazingly busy weeks in the UK and a 10-ish hour journey back home. I was really happy to come back and see my family and friends but not so happy about the heat that greeted me as soon as I got off the plane. it's cooled down a bit now so it's all good and I'm spending most of my time putting stuff in boxes and meeting lovely people.

all of this also means that I don't have an exceptional amount of cooking energy left, especially when it was so hot I just couldn't be bothered standing in the even hotter kitchen and making something that'd only make me feel hot again so I decided to stick with salad mainly. however, now that it's a bit cooler I've made some little things which you'll get to see in a bit and in more detail soon.

monday was my last day in the UK so me and the boyfriend decided to make the most of it and go to liverpool so we could enjoy a mega monday (50% off food) at revolution there. yes, we do things like that. we also did a bit of shopping so it was definitely worth it. here you can see our started which are sweet potato and chorizo croquettes, these were absolutely delicious. I also had a southern fried chicken wrap which isn't pictured because the boyfriend took pictures, I'll do a post all about it soon though.
in the evening it was my boyfriend's dad's turn to make food and we were all a little bit scared how that would turn out as it's usually his mum who makes food. we were quite surprised when he served up a lovely starter which he called austria meets wales - schnitzel and paté. admittedly this sounds rather weird, but I have to say it was actually really nice, the schnitzel was from aldi and I can only recommend it. as a main we got chili with rice which was also really nice.

tuesday was the day of the long journey so it consisted mainly of airplane food which was a croissant, a  pretzel at the airport in düsseldorf and a sandwich on the second flight. my mum made a lovely pasta dish once I was home but I decided to just spend the time with my family instead of taking pictures, I was also just too tired to even remember.

officially my first day back which was mainly spend being lazy as the heat really got to me and made me unable to do much else. once it had cooled down in the evening I offered to make food for me and my mum so I made some turkey steak with roast potatoes and to go with it a lovely green bean salad obviously with pumpkin seed oil. delicious. 

I honestly can't remember what I did on thursday, but I assume it wasn't any more interesting than wednesday. I had a greek salad which is my summer day meal pretty much every day if possible. in the evening after a visit to IKEA me and my mum decided to go out for a meal, I went with fried styrian sheep cheese and salad which was really nice.

on friday I went into town to get some things sorted with my mum, after that I was invited to my dad's for lunch which was krainer sausage with cheese dumbling sounds weird, looks weird but tasted lovely indeed. it might not have been the ideal meal for a hot day, but you can't always do what the weather says. we also had a big salad to go with it which I obviously didn't take a picture of.

after a lovely thunderstorm and rain on the friday night the temperatures had started getting back to normal on the saturday meaning I decided to make something lovely for me and my mum. I've been wanting to make a shepherd's pie for ages so I made this little different version, I'll post a recipe soon as I was really happy with it and my mum enjoyed her introduction to british food.

sunday was mainly spent sorting so I was really happy to have made some lovely little shepherd's pie which I enjoyed with a greek salad. I'll definitely post the recipe soon. 

altogether another good week, not very exciting as I'm now back home and have a lot of things to do that keep me from spending hours in the kitchen, however I'll do my best to get some recipes together before I leave in september. I hope you're all well and you've had a good start to the week.



being erica said...

i literally drool over these posts Mags.

Becci Charlton said...

Yum! Everything looks delicious. I can't wait for you to post your Shepherd's Pie recipe!

Magdalena Hannah said...

I'll try and post it as soon as possible, it's probably nowhere near a real shepherd's pie though hihi xx

TheFreshFresher said...

This makes me want to visit Austria (even more) - i'd eat way too much!

Magdalena Hannah said...

you should visit though! I can be your tour guide! :) xx