7 Aug 2013


another week full of lovely food has ended and again it has ended quite a few days before I'm posting my weekly food review that is a week in meals. I will get back into the loop as soon as I can but as some of you know I've been over in the UK doing many things to prepare for my move and now that I'm back home in Austria things will still be busy plus I'm going to spend the last few weeks I have at home with my family and friends as much as I can. so I'm sure you'll understand if I can't post as regularly as I wish I could especially when it comes to weekly features like this one.

but let's get on with this. last week was my second week in the UK and we did just as much traveling and going places as in my first week. I love that, I really do, and it's just so much fun to see places that I haven't seen before and to go back and forth to places that I already love (Manchester). my boyfriend is a wonderful traveling companion, I could spend hours and hours on the train with him (in fact, I do that a lot).

as you can see here me and my boyfriend's family went to a lovely place on sunday to stay the night and have some lovely food. the lovely food continued with the breakfast buffet on monday. they literally had everything you could ask for, I had granola, a croissant, a cooked breakfast with hash browns, egg, tomato and black pudding, I could just eat breakfast like that all the time. after breakfast we took a walk along the canal and then went into manchester (again). we were pretty full after a three course breakfast so I don't think we had much else that day that was worth a mention.

after a long day on monday we had a late breakfast on tuesday which consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich. as we had the house to ourselves it was great to cook together again, we made asian steak with a lot of veg and rice. oh it was beautiful and perfect for a lovely evening.

wednesday was lasagna day, there's always one day (at least) we make lasagna when I'm with my boyfriend so this was the day. we also love to have it with some greek salad which is especially great during the summer. it was wonderful.

thursday was the day that was one of the main reasons I actually came to the UK, it was the day I went to view some potential future flats/houses in manchester with my lovely (hopefully) future housemate. we saw a lot of places so as we had a break in between we went to the font in fallowfield and I had a chicken ceasar wrap, thinking it would be like the one I had saturday (here) but it wasn't as good unfortunately, the curly fries were lovely though. after seeing the rest of the places we were just really tired and had to sit down and get a cold drink and something to eat so we got the bus to piccadilly gardens and went to barburrito. yes, I was there last week aswell (here) but hey ho can never go there too often. I had the char grilled chicken burrito again because I love it.

friday was our lazy day after a mega busy day on thursday, we managed to get into town though and go to a lovely little patisserie. I got myself a coconut and passionfruit slice which was delicious. for tea my boyfriend's mum made steak with some lovely sides and we ate outside in the garden which was beautiful.

saturday we went into chester with my boyfriend's dad and went to central perk again because we loved it so much last week. I went for the salmon and cream cheese bagel this time and really enjoyed it. in the afternoon my boyfriend and I went to see flint town united which I really enjoyed, he'll have some shots up on his blog soon I'm sure. after the game we had some shepherds pie his mum had made just before we went to a birthday party. at the party there was a beautiful buffet, however I only managed to take a picture of this plate which was brownies, fruits and apple pie, yeah buffets make me combine things in a funny way. 

and finally to finish off the week on sunday we went out for a sunday lunch with my boyfriend's mum and dad and some friends. we went to this really lovely pub and had amazing food there. this is only my main course which was turkey but I really want to do a post all about the food and the place because I loved it a lot.

I'm a little sad writing this and seeing all the food now that I'm back in austria, but I know I'll get a lot of this lovely stuff again soon, and while I'm here I'll enjoy the culinary beauty my country has to offer, expect posts about that soon.

hope you've all had a lovely week last week and a good start to this one too.



Alana Mullen said...

All these meals look delicious! Sunday lunch is my favourite. I always say if a company delivered Sunday lunches to people they would make millions! ;)


Magdalena Hannah said...

you are so right they would! what a brilliant idea! haha xx