9 Aug 2013


you know that feeling when you suddenly think want to make something you never usually make? well that's what happens to me when I'm studying or my main focus is not food or cooking. I tend to still cook relatively healthy even when I'm preparing for an exam but there are those days when something like this makes its way into my mind telling me that it's exactly what my brain needs right now, and well, most of the time that's exactly the case.

Blueberry Pancakes with Berries and Yogurt
for me two (about 6 pancakes)

150 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp blueberries
1 egg
100 ml milk

1 handfull of frozen or fresh berries (I used strawberries and raspberries)
2 tbsp greek yogurt

for the pancakes, beat the egg with the milk. mix the flour with sugar and baking powder and stir into the liquid mixture. add more milk if you need to and leave to rest for a bit.

while it rests, heat up the berries for the sauce in a pan with a bit of sugar.

mix the blueberries with the pancake mixture and make the pancakes.

serve with the fruit sauce and greek yogurt and enjoy.

hope you like this little recipe, it's a really light way to enjoy pancakes either for a special breakfast or as a lovely dessert. let me know what you think about it in the comments.



Becci Charlton said...

Your blog makes me so hungry! These look like the ideal naughty but nice treat, might give them a go for breakfast on Sunday!! Xx

Tilly said...

They look absolutely gorgeous. I love blueberries! x

GingerbreadButtons said...

I'm drooling all over my laptop. These look bloomin' delicious!! xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

poor laptop ;) thank you very much :) xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

blueberries are definitely some of my favourites too, yummy fruits :) x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you so much lovely, let me know how they work out :) xx