28 Aug 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #3: NEW HOME: RANDOM BITS

things have certainly changed since my last two wishlist posts (here and here) mainly because I have now found a place to live and I'll be moving in a few of days. I did two moving and home related wishlists and there are plenty of things on there that I definitely still want, also things that I actually got now which I am really happy about.

however, now that I know where I'll be living I got even more excited and there's not one day I don't spend at least ten minutes browsing interior related shops. I haven't bought any of those things yet but I really hope I will soon. this will be a random bits and bobs kind of post as there are mainly random little things I'd really like for my new home. most of them aren't exactly practical, some are, I think that once I've moved in I might do a more specific wishlist, let me know if you'd like to see that, but now, let's get started.

1. Green Alarm Clock - dotcomgiftshop
isn't this just so cool? I love green and I think it's about time I get an alarm clock again, I've used my phone for ages now but I kind of like the thought of having a proper one.

2. Red Union Jack Cushion - dotcomgiftshop
I have a passion for cushions, I have no idea why but they're just really nice things and they make a room look so much more comfortable, I'd love this for my bed for during the day or for a chair.

3. Afternoon Tea Vintage Wall Sign - eBay
I've had my eye on this and similar ones for ages and they're so cheap aswell, I'd love this either for my room or for the kitchen if my housemates approve.

4. Drawer Knob - dotcomgiftshop
now, this is probably the most random thing, but I recently repainted my chest of drawers, it's now white and I think these would go really well.

5. Teapot Hook and Vase - not on the highstreet
how perfect are these?! I love tea and I would absolutely love them for my room to store jewelry and things, perfect!

6. Hearts Hanger - dotcomgiftshop
just something practical now, I think I could really use some hangers for my room and they look lovely.

7. Framed Chalkboard - dotcomgiftshop
this is probably my favourite thing on the list, I know I've had a chalkboard on a list before but this is my new love, it's so nice and vintage looking and would come in really handy as a to do list or meal plan.

8. Meal Time Rules Sign - dotcomgiftshop
just a funny little decoration item for the kitchen/dining area, I love metal signs like this.

9. Floral Flour Shaker - Cath Kidston
surprisingly this is the only real kitchen thing on this list, and it's not one that is exactly necessary, but I saw this in the cath kidston shop a while ago and it's really cute.

what do you think about my little wishlist? are there any items on there that you would love for your home too? let me know in the comments!



Jen said...

When I started to renovate my house a year and a half ago, buying new items for each room was always my favorite part. :) The things you have on your wishlist are all beautiful! The drawer knobs you listed are very similar to the ones I have on my kitchen drawer. :) -> http://rusticjenn.blogspot.com/2012/10/project-kitchen.html

Tilly said...

I love the 'meal time rules' sign, ha! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's brilliant isn't it?! haha xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's so much fun isn't it? I just had a look, the knobs are really lovely :) xx

Just Me Leah said...

I love Dotcomgiftshop so much! Those teapot hooks are amazing though - I want! x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

I love it too that's why there are way too many of their things here haha, they really are aren't they?! I do think I might have to get them... xx

Leah (Just Me Leah) said...

Do, then I can drool all over the screen some more! x x

Sophie - ciaosophie said...

I love the 'meal time rules' sign!

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's really cool isn't it?! xx