14 Aug 2013


I'm back in Austria now which means I have been on a plane again and documenting all the culinary sensations I experienced on my journey. after flying to Manchester via Zürich last time, it was Manchester - Düsseldorf - Vienna this time and also Lufthansa so a different airline which means different food of course.

shortly after take off from Manchester Airport at 8:20 am we got served breakfast which consisted of a chocolate croissant and tea as my drink of choice. the croissant wasn't as nice as the one I had on the flight with swiss air but I didn't expect that much as it was wrapped in plastic. it was nice enough though so I can't complain.

the flight in general was lovely too, I had a spare seat next to me so didn't have to listen to people talking about stupid things (happens to me a lot on the plane) and didn't have to feel like my arm wasn't allowed on the arm rest next to me. we landed in Düsseldorf and I had 3 hours time before my next flight which just didn't seem to want to pass at all. there was nothing to do at the airport so I ended up comparing prices of the three places that were selling food and walking up and down about ten times in the process.

after all the comparing I figured that anything above 4 euros was definitely too much for a simple sandwich that didn't even look too nice so I went for a pretzel which was only 2.50 and enjoyed that while listening to my audio book hoping for the time to go by.

I did manage to survive until my connecting flight even though if I have to do it again I'd rather do it at an airport with more shopping facilities. however, we got some nice food on the plane so that made up for it. I got a chicken and mozzarella sandwich which looks not so nice to be fair, it had a very interesting tomato paste on the inside which makes it look even more weird but I can honestly say that it was actually quite nice and definitely better than expected. although I have to say that my opinion might have been influenced by me being quite hungry at that point.

after food I spent most of the flight sleeping and listening to my audio book again and I was really glad when we finally landed in Vienna. I have to say that the flight with Lufthansa was enjoyable as much as a normal flight can be, the food was good but definitely not as nice as Swiss also because I just don't like it when they wrap all their food in unnecessary plastic which Swiss managed to avoid. if it hadn't been for the three hour wait in Düsseldorf this would've been a lovely journey with alright food.



Sunae @ Little Foal said...

Flight food is so weird to me! I've never been on a flight longer than an hour before so all I ever get is a small packet of biscuits with the choice of savoury or sweet! I definitely wouldn't mind a chocolate croissant next time I fly, although I usually get a box of krispy Kremes from the airport to eat on my flights ;)

Magdalena Hannah said...

well maybe you'll get a proper meal if you come to the UK ;) worth a try ;) oooh that sounds perfect though! you really made me want krispy kremes now! xx

Becci Charlton said...

I am massively craving a croissant now! AND I've nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://onlybecci.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/62-ive-been-nominated-for-leibster-award.html

Sunae @ Little Foal said...

Ooh I will just have to then, won't I? I'll bring krispy kremes ;)

Magdalena Hannah said...

yes yes you will have to ;) yay I can't wait!