18 Aug 2013


that's another week gone and I really can't believe how fast time seems to me moving forward at the moment, I feel like I only just got back from the UK but it's been almost two weeks and in less than two weeks I'll probably be there again. I've been really busy ever since I've been back, sorting my stuff, putting it into bags and boxes and different categories. I haven't been the most exceptional or creative chef this week so I hope you weren't expecting anything too interesting. I stuck to the basics and enjoying a meal out every now and then with my friends and my family.

on monday I was at my dad's and his girlfriend had made a lovely dinner that consisted of a lentil soup, burger patty with potatoes and the most amazing mini ice cream crepes out there. we had a good time and I am really appreciating every second that I get to spend with my family because I now I won't see them for a while come september. in the evening I had one of my all time summer favourites, a greek salad.

tuesday was a packing, working and eating basic things kinda day, I had a buttermilk, banana and blueberry shake while sorting and later just some turkey and vegetables with rice which is one of my most cooked things ever probably, never disappoints.

another busy day and another lovely basic meal, with what was left of the turkey I made a different version of trina's chicken stew, mine was obviously a turkey stew and I also added some chickpeas. in the afternoon it was time to meet one of my lovely friends, we went to one of my favourite coffee shops and I had a delicious prosciuttio bagel.

on thursday I spent all day with my dad and my brother at my dad's place where I was painting my chest of drawers. after about 5 hours of working we all got a little hungry so we went to a lovely greek restaurant and had an icredible meal, for me consisting of a greek starter platter, a greek salad and as a main gyros with pita. I love greek food and it always reminds me of the loveliest holidays I've had there.

another day for a basic (I'm saying this a lot, sorry) and luckily the weather was perfect for a greek salad aswell, to make it a little less boring I had a cheese and ham roll or whatever you'd call it (tell me!) to go with it. in the evening I went to my friend's house to have some cocktails and a chat with the girls, she had made us a lovely tomato and mozzarella baguette which was absolutely delicious.

on saturday I spent a lot of the time skyping with my future housemate, being introduced to her dog and bearded dragon which was really lovely, can't wait to live with her. after that I did more sorting before meeting some of my friends at the irish pub for some cider and a wonderful chicken burger, I also couldn't say no to a ben&jerry's for desert, especially as strawberry cheesecake is my favourite.

and today it's sunday and another day full of boxes and watching Friends to motivate me, I'm actually making progress and think that I'll be done with the most important things by the end of the day, fingers crossed. today I just made a big portion of turkey spaghetti bolognese which I've had for dinner and there's still some left for tea. but now back to the boxes!

I hope you've all had a lovely week and a lovely sunday today, I wish you a great start of the week tomorrow too.



Rhiannon said...

Thursday's food just looks soooo good, yum! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you, it was really delicious! greek food is the best xx