23 Aug 2013


with everything that's been going on it seems I completely forgot to blog about this very important event, in fact, if it hadn't been for all the pictures I've just come across I probably wouldn't have blogged about it for a while.

I threw a little (well, quite big actually) farewell party for myself back in july as I wanted to make sure all of my friends and family could be there so I would definitely see all of them before I move (which is happening next friday). obviously, as it is with parties, not all of my friends were able to make it, but I was certainly very happy about every single one of them who did and I am really happy about how it turned out.

now, I certainly like planning things but I also very easily set myself goals that just really stress me and that maybe are just a tiny bit too much. this time however, I was really pleased with the results. in this post I will be sharing the concept of the party and of course plenty of pictures of the set up and everything as well as the accessories and links to where I got them from if I can find them. if all of that goes well, there will be seperate posts for the different varieties of party food that I made.

the whole 'event' consisted of two kind of seperate events, firstly there was the brunch for my family in the morning and then a 'tea party' for all my friends starting at five. all of this was planned to be sort of flexible, I wasn't going to send my family home when friends started showing up, the only challenge was the food coordination but that went quite well too.

floral food flags - made by myself

pink and blue bunting - eBay (similar here)

I was really happy about the set up of the food and everything, I love buffets and it's just the easiest thing for a party especially with more than five people (we were about 20). I really love the bunting and it works so well across the table I think, I'm definitely going to take it with my for my bedroom and probably future parties of some sort.

schedule wise it was the same for both parts of the party pretty much, people arrived and had drinks and I gave a little introduction to the buffet and told them to dig in. for other activities I had a little photo booth in the room next door in case people got bored and because I really wanted some pictures of my friends and family to take with me. I think a photo booth is a great thing for a party, you don't need much at all other than a simple camera with a self timer (or someone who will take pictures) and the accessories can be printed off for free (here for example).

I also planned a british themed pub quiz for everyone as a way of entertaining people as well as teaching them a little bit about the country I will be moving to. it was a lot of work to create it all but I really enjoyed it and it was definitely worth it as I think people really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the day and even though it was a lot of work and preparation it was more than worth it. I wish I would have taken more pictures but really it was about having a good time with my friends so I'm sure you'll understand. maybe this will give you a little inspiration in case you are planning a party yourself, I enjoyed it and I'm definitely going to do it again. as I said before, I'll definitely be posting recipes for the food on here sometime soon. 



Becci Charlton said...

This sounds (and looks!) lovely, I wish I could have been there, hehe x x x

Magdalena Hannah said...

awww thank you :) I'm sure I'll plan some parties for when I'm in the UK, I'll put you on the guest list haha xx

Tilly said...

That looks great! I LOVE the little sandwiches with flags in, ha. They genuinely made my evening! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

haha aww that makes me happy! I'll make you some GF sandwiches with flags on! :D xx

Becci Charlton said...

Ooh I look forwards to it! Hehe xx