28 Jul 2013


here I am bringing you another episode of my flight food series. you might not remember this if you haven't been reading this blog for too long because I haven't done one for a while due to the lack of flying anywhere but I am now back in the UK so I thought I might aswell do this straight away.

as you can tell from the last two posts in the series (here & here) I usually fly from and to london and via ryanair which means I basically only have the choice of buying really expensive and not so nice food on board or getting myself something beforehand. obviously the more interesting side of doing these posts is to document the food that you actually get on board so this is why I'm really excited about this post as I went by swiss air this time meaning I actually got served food without any extra charges.

I went from Vienna to Manchester via Zürich which means two flights and two meals so there's even more to talk about.

the first flight was only a short one (about 50 minutes) which means I didn't have to wait long for the food and drinks to get to me. I got really nice croissant and some tea to go with it. it was really suitable for the time of the day, the flight left at 9:55 so it was a nice breakfast and the tea was actually really nice aswell. a bit after that they handed out some chocolate which I took and put in my bag for the boyfriend, she even came around with another round of croissants and being a student I can't deny free food, we had it for breakfast yesterday and it was still lovely.

we left Zürich again after only a short stay there but enough time for me to get from gate A to D and take a peek at exceptionally expensive swiss cheese at the airport.

luckily I didn't have to buy the cheese as I got a cheese sandwich on the plane after taking off. well not right after taking off but about half an hour into the flight. we had the choice between chicken and cheese sandwich but I thought being on a swiss plane I could really only go for cheese. I'm usually a chicken kinda gal but really wasn't disappointed by this. it doesn't look spectacular I know and it was basically just a bit of spread and cheese but that cheese really was lovely and the bread was nice and solid aswell. I had some coke to go with it as I was in need of a bit of sugar to survive the 1 1/2 hour flight. 

more sugar arrived after a little while in the form of this beautiful little bar of chocolate. having stored away the first one I really wanted to try one now and was happy about this opportunity. and you know it's true what they say, they really know how to make chocolate in switzerland. 

needless to say I was very pleased with the food on those two flights and that's not only because it was free but it was actually nice quality. I remember those days when we got whole meals like spaghetti and dessert on flights to greece but you can just as easily please me with some carefully selected snacks. I would happily make it my job to be a flying restaurant tester or whatever you'd call it. 

I'll be flying with a different airline on my way back to Austria so prepare yourself for another one of those posts. also please let me know if you enjoy them at all in the comments.



Michelle Louise Pan said...

I can still remember the taste of those sandwiches on my flight back from Beijing - Zurich - Manchester and they were gorgeous!!!! X

Laura said...

I went to Zurich last year but sadly no sandwhich. Saying that it was 6am haha. Got to love Swiss chocolate!

Wow, you look sensational. That dress suits you perfectly! Big fan of yours now. x

Heroine In Heels

Magdalena Hannah said...

they are aren't they?! I hope I get something good flying back. x

being erica said...

airplane food is the WORST. when i flew Malaysian from Aus to London on Christmas Day, i got proper roast turkey with all the trimmings and bottomless champagne. THAT'S how to fly!
also Mags - LOVE the new header (it's new, right?)! x

Magdalena Hannah said...

wow now that sounds like proper food! it is new indeed, thanks lovely :) xx