14 Oct 2014

Preloved Vintage Fair

The other day (or week) my friend Nisha and I went to a lovely vintage event in the Northern Quarter which was hosted by Preloved. It was held a the Day & Night Cafe which had all sorts of vintage and crafts stalls dotted around. 

Before the even opened to the general public us bloggers were welcomed half an hour early and greeted with a glass of champagne and a goody bag. We had a little nosy around while it was still relatively quiet (which is definitely a bonus at all kinds of vintage events).

We were fascinated by all the strange and wonderful clothes and ended up spending quite a while trying all sorts of lovely jams and chutneys at the Love Spreads stall and both Nisha and I bought a Peach and Lemon compote which I cannot wait to incorporate into some recipes in the near future.

We didn't stay very long after that as it was getting rather full and I was getting tired (as per usual) but it was a really lovely evening. You should also check out Nisha's post about the evening.


Sunae @ Little Foal said...

Sounds like the kind of event that would be right up my street! xx

Magdalena Hannah said...

You would have loved it there Sunae! We'll find some vintage events for us to go to when you visit the UK :) xx

Hungry_Healthy_Happy said...

Sounds like a great event :)

nishKpatel said...

This was such a good night! Hopefully go to some more stuff soon xxx