16 May 2015

healthy lullaby & my favourite shake recipe

hi guys,

after my last post I believe you should be updated as to what is happening in my life at the moment. well, to be honest there's really not a lot happening since all I am doing is preparing for my exams which start in 6 days. however there is one thing that I didn't write about in my previous post just because I thought it would deserve it's own little post; I have decided to live somewhat of a healthier life.

It's one of those things we all do (well I do) every once in a while and then it goes quite well and I never even know why I stop doing it again. to start off with I should say that I always tend to eat relatively healthy food; I grew up that way and thanks to my mum and dad I have loved fruit and vegetables and organic food from a young age. however, I have never loved doing exercise.
yes I enjoy playing football (a lot) and I liked playing handball and things in school but never really did enough of it to make any difference whatsoever. but after being really stressed for a large proportion of the academic year and therefore not eating very well at all I decided enough was enough and something had to change.

two weeks ago at the start of revision I made myself a meal and exercise plan and have stuck to it ever since. yes it has only been two weeks and things could change, but let's hope they don't shall we. this change has not only made me feel more energised and happy, it has also given me back my love for cooking and creating new things. while I was really stressed I tended to just make the same things all the time as I was too tired to bother. now I am home most of the time and cooking is a fabulous way to procrastinate. I document most of my creations on my instagram and the best ones are sure to make it onto the blog also.

I thought as a little start to what I hope will be a series of more healthy posts I would share with you one of the things I have been absolutely loving recently:

The Banana-Choco-Coco Shake (for lack of a better name)

I absolutely love this as an afternoon pick-me-up when I've been revising all day. It's a fabulous snack and I struggle to not finish the whole thing within a minute or so. I've recently started using protein powder to try it out and see whether I like it or not (I'm still not sure yet) so this is what I use here to get the chocolate flavour, you can totally use cocoa powder though and if you use pure cocoa it'll be even healthier.

  • 200 ml coconut milk (not the one in the can but the one that's in a packet like soy milk)
  • 15 g chocolate flavoured protein powder
  • 1 small banana (ideally very ripe, that way it doesn't only taste better but is also better for you)
  • 1 tsp almond butter (peanut butter would also taste really nice)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (you can leave this out if you don't like it, but it gives it a special something and cinnamon is good for your metabolism)

Then simply put it all in a blender and blend until smooth. the almond butter sometimes sticks to the side of my blender so make sure you get it all off. then just pour into a glass and serve however you like it. you can also put it in the fridge for a bit before serving to make it more refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed this post & recipe, please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about next. also be sure to follow my instagram for loads of food pictures and feel free to comment on there to let me know when you see something you would like a recipe for.

hope you're all well!



nishKpatel said...

This looks delish, I just got a new smoothie maker so I'll give it a go. Banana and chocolate is the best flavour combination, although I've never tried adding almond butter to a smoothie before x

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Magdalena Hannah said...

yes chocolate and banana is just perfect together! I probably wouldn't but it in with a fruit smoothie but it goes really well with the creamy consistency and the chocolate in this :D x