5 Oct 2013


Hi everyone, wow, it's really been a while!  thought it's about time I share a little recipe again, this is something I made a while ago while I was still back in austria but I thought I'd still share it as it's one of my favourite things and it'd also be a great as a student meal as it's super simple and will give you plenty of energy. I've had way too much pizza in the last few weeks even though I cook for myself most of the time, but I've just not been able to create any recipes just yet. so this is something to get started and after planning my weekly timetable I do think I'll fit some blogging in there in the future so don't worry, there will be recipes and all those things up here soon, but for now, here's some swiss chard and potatoes for you!

I don't know how many of you clicked on this asking themselves 'what is chard actually'. I actually don't know, as I grew up knowing what Mangold (the german word for chard) is, but the day I was making this my boyfriend asked me what I was having and I said chard and he said 'what?!' and he usually knows a lot of things when it comes to food so maybe it's just not that popular (you can find more information about what it is here in case you did ask). thinking about it it's probably not that popular over here either as I was very surprised to find some beautiful leaves of it at the market one day. (sorry for the bad quality phone picture)

of course the first thing that came to mind was to make chard and potatoes as that's what I've had many times when visiting croatia and slovenia as it's a very common side dish over there. I thought it can't be that difficult to make myself and as it was super easy and really delicious I couldn't not share it with you guys.

Swiss Chard and Potatoes
for two as a side

4 leaves of swiss chard
4 big potatoes
1 clove of garlic

start by cooking the potatoes as you do, don't worry if you leave them for a bit longer, it works well when they're a bit mushy.

remove the big bit of the chard's stalk if you want to and cut the leaves into big pieces. add chart to the boiling water for about a minute. take off the heat and pour it all into a colander. rinse chard with cold water and set aside.

take a pan and heat some olive oil (not too high heat though) peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces, add to the pan and also add the chard. mince your garlic and add to the pan too, add salt to taste.

and there you go! that's all you need to make this lovely delicious side dish which you can easily also enjoy as a lovely summer meal with some salad if you like.

hope you liked this little different recipe idea, I fell in love with this dish in croatia and it always gives me that mediterranean feel. I love to enjoy it just by itself on a summer day. do let me know what you think and if you've ever tried chard and what you think about it.


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Milena said...

this is sooo delicious - just had it some days ago with fresh chard from my grandfathers garden!

always a favorite vegetable around this season!

xoxo Milena