25 Oct 2013


it's been 21 days since my last post. wow. I can't believe I've not posted for that long and I'd like to say that I've tried blogging and that I've been missing it but honestly this is not the case. there has been so much going on that all I wanted to do is just live my life with all the new things that are happening so blogging had to wait. however, it is great to be back and I have missed writing posts and creating recipes. 

since it's been so long I thought I'd start with a little update before getting started with new recipes and everything else. as I said in my last recently post I've settled in quite well in my new home in the north west of the UK and I'm really loving uni aswell. 

I have been trying to sort out my schedule and get into a routine with uni work and it's been going quite well so far. I'm really loving my course and I've met some lovely people at uni. I've also started playing football after years of watching it and I'm so happy I did, it's not only a great way to stay fit with all the cooking but it's just so much fun.

I've also found great places to buy food, there's a brilliant store not far from me that sells lovely fresh veg and I'm actually enjoying the budgeting, it's not as hard as I thought it would be.

me and my housemate have been cooking quite a lot together which I am really enjoying, I'm so happy to be living with someone who shares my love for food and delicious things. now that I'm kind of sorted out here I hope I can get back into a blogging routine aswell, it probably won't be as many times a week as it used to be but I'm sure you'll understand that uni is a lot more important, but I've missed my little blog and I don't want to stop blogging so I'll try my best to get back into it.

I'm going to be starting a little series about student recipes, so if anyone has any ideas or wishes just let me know. also, I have now finally got instagram to post pictures of my food and other things, so if you want to follow me you can do so here.

hope you're all well, and I'll be back soon, I promise.



Leah (Just Me Leah) said...

I'm glad to hear things are going great for you and your housemate is a fellow cook! x x

bethan said...

Glad you have settled in well! I found it hard whilst I was at Uni to blog and get on with work, but eventually things slot into place and blogging becomes a rest from studying!