24 Oct 2012

Away Days #4: BACK IN THE UK

hello everyone,

yes it's me, I bet you can't believe it. 
I am really sorry I have been lazy blogging lately, but it's just because I haven't been lazy otherwise. I started university and it's going well but just taking up a lot of my time.

but now I am back in the UK for two weeks, I've missed Cardiff and it's just so good to be back. 
this means that I will have time to cook and go out and eat and tell you all about it!

Today was my first day here and I've been a little lazy since I only got here at around midnight yesterday. so there's not much to report today. had a lovely salad and pizza.
but there is hope! don't know what we'll be making tomorrow but on sunday we're going to make a lovely sunday lunch which I'm really looking forward to because it's something so british and it's going to be so much fun to make. 

so I will most definitely let you know about that and hopefully post a recipe aswell. 

it's just so good to be back. and I'm looking forward to some more blogging.


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