25 Oct 2012


Back in the UK and already loving the food here,
I don't know why some people still think that british food is inedible or boring.
in a country where they show Jamie Oliver on TV and you can buy all kinds of fruit and vegatbles in the supermarket, you just can't do anything but be inspired.

I get inspired easily here anyway. and today the UK showed me again how cool they can be. we went to Boots and the first thing we saw was this poster about them selling Jamie Oliver sandwiches and then this woman came up to us and asked if we wanted to try the sandwich. and wow it was lovely!
since we were hungry anyway, we decided to try a whole one and they now have this whole section of Jamie Oliver stuff with the sandwiches. but it's not just sandwiches, it's flatbread and wraps and salads and focaccia and stuff so it's really cool.

as you can guess, it took a while to decide which sandwich to go for, but we decided to get a smoky chicken one with bbq sauce and peppers and onions and all, really lovely!
a bit spicy but sweet aswell so it was a great snack for this kinda british day.

will be making some proper food after. if it's anything exciting I'll let you know.
but for now, here's a picture of the sandwich.

Really Smoky Chicken
image by geraint


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