29 Oct 2012


Yesterday was a proper sunday with super sunday football and sunday food in the pub.

It was blue v red yesterday on super sunday, everton v liverpool and chelsea v manchester united. and what else can you do for a sunday like that than go to the pub and enjoy the football properly with the greatest atmosphere you'll get for a football game (other than at the stadium obviously). 
so we went to the Poet's Corner in Cardiff and spend quite a few hours there. and spending that amount of time in a pub, you just can't go without having at least a little bit of that lovely pub food they serve. 
you know it's not healthy but sometimes that's just the way it has to be. can't really sit in a pub with a pint and a carrot can you, so a lovely bacon and cheese burger with chips and a pint of chicken goujons was just the perfect choice. 

and not just the pub food turned out really well, the football luckily went our way too. united beat chelsea away with it being their first defeat this season. somehow this premier league table is getting back to the way it should be. 
unfortunately liverpool didn't lose, but they're still not really managing wins this season, not that they're any danger to us anyway.

all in all, a wonderful pub day, could spend every sunday like that.


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