1 Sep 2013


this week has certainly gone a lot quicker than I thought it would. it was my last week home before moving and it's really strange to look back on it now that I'm here and moving into my new house tomorrow. if you don't know what I'm on about then you might want to have a quick look at this post. 

as I am moving into the house tomorrow, this week's week in meals ends today as I won't have the time or the internet to post tomorrow or include tomorrow's pictures. however, this means that next weeks post if I'm able to do it will have 8 days instead of the usual 7 so that's a bonus there (well, not really). so let's get going with all the food.

I had a good start to the week with a lovely breakfast with my friend, I had a delicious proscuitto and parmesan bagel (yes, the same as last week). afterwards I went to have dinner with my dad and family which was a lovely event. we had greek feta and spinach strudel, prawns in garlic butter with rice and because that wasn't enough, there was apple strudel with chocolate sauce.

tuesday was spent packing again (as was every day that week, not worth mentioning I guess), in the evening me and my mum went to a lovely italian restaurant after picking up another bag at my friends. we had a very nice octopus salad as a starter and then shared a porcini and bacon pizza which was amazing.

I had some pizza left over so I took it home and had it while packing (I know...) the day after. for dinner me and my mum made chicken korma because my mum loves it and wanted me to teach her how to make it, it was so much fun cooking with her.

thursday was my last day home so I tried to only do lovely things that day, starting out with a nice breakfast (with multiple things, not pictured, sorry) with one of our friends. later on my mum made me one of my favourite foods which is our only existing family recipe and I think I'll have to post it at some point, it's topfen/quark pasta with some secret ingredients of course.

as you have guessed, it was plane food day again this time with germanwings (but there'll be a flight food post about that) it was alright though, cheese bap and a ham sandwich and some chocolate to go with it.

today started with a nice british breakfast consisting of a breakfast wrap and of course tea. for dinner we had some ham and pineapple pizza and coleslaw just to celebrate the british way of combining foods you usually wouldn't combine (well I wouldn't), it was lovely. we are making burgers as I am writing this but I am very sure I'll be too tired to share them afterwards, sorry about that though.

as I already mentioned in my last post, the next few weeks I'll have some guest posts on here and I'm really looking forward to their lovely creations.

hope you've had a great week, I wish you a good start to the next one.



Issy Goode said...

All your meals look so delicious! I hope the move went well and your new place is lovely :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you so much, I'm really happy with the place and it all went really well :) x