23 Aug 2012


hello everyone,

I got back to Austria yesterday, but first of all I want to talk about my last day in Cardiff because it was amazing. we went into town and to the High Street Arcade where this wonderful french crêperie "La Crêperie De Sophie" has opened not long ago. we've already had some of their crêpes a while ago when they were selling them at the riverside market by the Millenium Stadium and they were brilliant! so of course we had to check out this place.

and it was even better than expected! they do sweet and savory crêpes and a huge variety of both. so at first it took us a while to decide what we were going to have. 

here's what we had.

"Sweet Billy"
goat's cheese, chopped walnuts,
onion chutney, green leaves,
balsamic dressing

This was most definitely the best savory crêpe I've ever had and proves that not only the french can make wonderful food, the welsh most certainly can too.

"La Croquante"
sliced banana, crunchy peanut butter,

La Croquante is amazing. for everyone who has never tried peanut butter and nutella together like me before I had this, it is most definitely worth a try. the the sweetness of the nutella and the kind of salty-ness of the peanut butter works so well together. and well, peanut butter and banana just belong together anyway. so this is like the perfect desert crêpe if you like all those things and are willing to try them together. 
I have to say I was glad I had someone to share this with because I definitely wouldn't have been able to eat all this deliciousness all by myself.

So if you fancy some crêpes this is definitely the perfect place to go, if you don't live near Cardiff you can always try to make them yourself. but if you get the chance I would recommend trying these wonderful welsh french crêpes.
and check out their website www.lacreperiedesophie.com

I think I'll have something austrian for you next time, it's cooking day today!


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