20 Aug 2012


good morning everyone,

isn't it brilliant to wake up on a monday morning knowing that the premier league weekend isn't over yet, in fact it's only really starting today.

the first Manchester United game of this season which already looks like it's going to be a very interesting one. 
with Robin Van Persie exchanging his red Arsenal shirt for a much redder Manchester United shirt this season, as always, already started off as a competition without having kicked off properly.
and since Van Persie is now a Red Devil with the number 20 on his back, we can't keep ourselves from asking when he will score his first goal for United. People are even talking about a hat-trick in tonight's game against Everton.
I am definitely glad he is a part of Manchester United now, even though I have to say it will be weird to see him wearing anything else but an Arsenal shirt. 

definitely can't wait until this game kicks off tonight. I hope some of you are going to watch it too.



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