27 Aug 2012


I've been craving sweet and sour chicken for a while, and today I just decided to give it a go. I always used to think that stuff like that is something that only really tastes right when you get it in a chinese place, but it's actually really easy to make, and a lot healthier when you do it yourself.

I love this TV show over in the UK called the Hairy Dieters, those two guys who love food try to make their favourite meals into healthy but still delicious meals.
and in the last episode I saw they made this amazing take-away including my sweet and sour chicken, so that's where I got my recipe from.
you should check it out, these guys are amazing!

you can click on the link above for their original recipe. it's super easy and yummy and you can get the ingredients basically everywhere.


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the Hairy Dieter's Sweet and Sour Chicken


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