26 Aug 2012


Finally, the saturday I'd been waiting for for so long, a saturday with Manchester United and SK Sturm playing. 

And as a bonus, the weather was amazing and I had a BBQ at my dad's.

BBQ's are one of the best things about summer and warm weather. I don't even like it when it's that hot, partly because it was just always 10° colder in the UK probably. 
but a BBQ just makes it a lot better, even though it makes it warmer aswell.

our BBQ's are always a little greek, especially because my dad really loves the country. but they just know how to make a BBQ even more fun. and it's easy too.

we made Souvlaki (which are basically greek kebabs) and courgette (from my dads garden).
as sides we had Greek Salad and Tzatziki (yoghurt with a lot of garlic and cucumber).

pork, garlic, olive oil, oregano, salt

grilled courgette
olive oil, garlic, salt

Greek Salad
Feta cheese, green pepper, tomato, onion, cucumber
olive oil, vinegar, salt

and something for the football fans...

That was one crazy game for united. I was so nervous until Van Persie scored the equaliser, but what a relief when he did! his first goal in his second game for united and his first at Old Trafford. 
after Kagawa scored the 2-1 I felt a lot better already and with Rafael scoring not long after that it just started to feel really comfortable and we should have kept that up for the second half. but that didn't work out that well and after Fulham scored the 3-2 they just started trying a lot harder and some things went wrong.

but a 3-2 win is still a win after all, we know we could have done better and we know we will do better. 3 points are 3 points after all, and that team we saw out there was definitely a good one. we shouldn't start thinking about goal difference already. 
let's just hope Rooney will be ok soon. but maybe Mr. Bolt will play instead of him? we'll see about that.

and to make the saturday even better, SK Sturm decided to do us a favour and win a game. they won 3-2 aswell, with one of Admiras goals being an OG. coincidence? 
yeah probably.
but if they win every game they play on the same day as united, there might aswell be a chance. we'll never give up anyway will we.


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