24 Dec 2012


Hello everyone,
as promised, here is the wonderful christmas dinner me and my mum made yesterday for the family. So not all the credit is mine, my mum made the best red cabbage ever and we worked together making the turkey. And I want to thank everyone for coming and making it the great evening it was.

So now I will tell you what exactly we made, all together it's not even that difficult, but since we are not that experienced in making turkey me and my mum were a little nervous about it, but turns out it's really not that difficult at all.
We used the wonderful recipe by Jamie Oliver which I shared with you yesterday, it is brilliant so if you want to attempt a turkey yourself, it's great inspiration.

I want to share the recipe of the dumplings with you though, I am not sure if everyone of you even knows what these austrian dumplings are so I thought it would be a good idea to share the recipe, as it is really easy aswell.

It's so good to be back and posting again, and great to actually have time to cook properly. I hope you all are glad aswell, it's great to have people reading my posts.
thank you all.

Christmas Turkey (inspired by Jamie Oliver)

Simple (Christmas) Dumplings
for five people300 g chopped sandwich bread
4 eggs
1/4 L milk
1 onion
1 apple

chop the apple and the onion in tiny pieces
and fry them until golden. (well the onion will be).
place the chopped sandwich bread in a bowl.
mix together the eggs and the milk and pour
over the bread.
add the onions, apples and chopped parsley.
leave to rest for as long as possible
(I'd say at least 30 minutes, I left it for
about 4 hours though and it was great!)
season the mixture and form dumplings.
ideally leave them to rest for a bit
as they are aswell.
cook them over low temperature for 15 minutes
and they should be perfect!

(you can have them with a meal like this,
but they are also amazing with pretty much
any kind of meat, or just with some gravy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful christmas meal yourselves, whether it is today or tomorrow, and maybe mine gave you some inspiration. I hope you all have wonderful holidays, and come back here to see what I'm doing the next few days.

Merry Christmas.


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