25 Dec 2012


One of the best things about christmas is the day after. 
When the children get up to see if their presents are still there and to play with them early in the morning. And once you've done the dishes you're left with a lot of lovely food in the kitchen and there are so many things you can make of it.

But the best thing you can do, and surely a leftover classic are sandwiches. 
Sandwiches are wonderful because when you have a turkey like we did, all you need are some lovely fresh ingredients and great bread to make a wonderful leftover meal for yourself or the whole family. 

The beauty is that everyone can choose whatever they like to put in their sandwiches.
I wanted to give you some inspiration and show you some of the sandwiches I did.
I hope you find it usefull and like the ideas.

have a wonderful leftover lunch everyone.

The Rustic One (with a twist)

dark (rye) bread
turkey breast (or whatever your leftovers are)
fried streaky bacon
rocket salad
cranberry sauce/jam
mint leaves (about 4 for one sandwich)

The Fresh One

white sandwich bread
turkey breast
rocket salad
cranberry sauce/jam

Italian Breakfast

toasted white bread
turkey breast
(fried streaky bacon)
rocket salad
basil leaves (4 again)

lemon chutney


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