23 Dec 2012


So today is the day of christmas dinner, because we decided to do it a day earlier this year. And to be honest I am glad we did because this way I can share everything with you before your christmas dinner and maybe inspire you a little.

I myself was inspired by many things, for example by Jamie Oliver with the turkey.
Since I now have a few minutes of time because I am just in the kitchen making sure the turkey doesn't escape and watching the football I thought I'd update you with a few pictures and just let you know how my day has been so far.

So I got up quite early even though I had a late night last night because I didn't want to finish everything last minute. I had my desserts ready by 9 in the morning and the dough for the dumplings too.
Then me and my mum were invited for brunch which unfortunately we had to leave early to get this bird done.

So for now I will show you a few pictures and I will give you all the details tomorrow or maybe tonight, let's see how full I am after this meal.

the bacon rosemary skewers for the turkey

just before going into the oven

the dumplings before being cooked


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