15 Jan 2013


The other day I just couldn't be bothered spending a long time in the kitchen plus the creative side of my mind was obviously switched off and the fridge didn't have too much to offer either. But lucky enough there are some things that are always there and some things that always work together perfectly and only take a short time to put together to a lovely meal.

I love that we have all those herbs on the balcony (well at this time of the year, they are not on the balcony technically) and they just make every meal a lot better and they are healthy too. And in this meal the sage is what gives the thing its lovely taste and makes it an easy (I admitt it's not too healthy) and quick meal which is a lot tastier than just pasta with butter and cheese.

Buttery Sage Pasta with Parmesan
for two
Pasta (I used linguine)
4 sage leaves
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp lemon juice
grated parmesan cheese

cook the pasta.

melt the butter over low heat (remember,
butter doesn't like high heat, it gets brown
and bitter) and add the sage leaves (no need to
cut them first) and leave over low heat for
the butter to taste like sage after.
add the lemon juice and a pinch of salt.
then take off the heat.

mix the pasta with the butter and serve with
grated permesan cheese.

yum! enjoy!


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Cat Rusk said...

This does sound good! And even though it is so easy it could jazz up a dinner party with its flavors and being so delicate.