30 Jan 2013


I never know when I fancy to make a proper meal, there are days when I want something good but I just can't think of anything and there are days when I just can't be bothered. But you all know what I mean. sometimes the ideas just don't come and you're like "god I really want to make something good and spend some time in the kitchen, but I just don't know what". And I guess lately I've been in that kinda mood quite a lot, so I was surprised when the other day I actually had an idea. it was one of those ideas that come to me when I know I want to make something, I stand in the kitchen and look at what ingredients I have and then it just comes to me. It's like when I sing and sometimes there are just words coming to my mind and I have no idea why but they sound good. But they usually don't make as much sense as my food does, so I'll stick with that.

So that specific day I was standing in the kitchen and we had some spinach with feta left because we used it as a filling for pasties the day before (I'll get that recipe up too, they were delicious!). and my mum had bought some turkey before, and well rice is always there, couldn't live without it. So there I was filling the turkey with spinach and feta cheese and believe me it turned out better than I thought it would. So I had to share the recipe with you, it's really easy too and you'll love it!

Turkey Spinach+Feta Cordon Bleu
for two
2 turkey schnitzel
feta cheese

if you're making rice with it, you might
want to start by cooking that.

then, you flatten the turkey pieces as much
as you can so they don't take as long
and stay juicy. cook the spinach
(or if you are using frozen one, warm it
up). Cut up the Feta and mix it with the
warm spinach. add salt.

You then take about 1 1/2 tbsp of the mixture
and place on one half of the schnitzel.
fold it over and fix it with three toothpicks.

if you like lemon, you can marinate them
in some lemon juice for a minute and then
roll in some flour.

heat oil/fat in a non sticky frying pan and
once it's hot add the two cordon bleus.
fry for about 6 minutes each side
(you might have to cut into one to
see if it's done, might take a little longer
depending on how thick it is.)

(you can then put it in some tinfoil

and leave it to rest for a bit)

to serve, leave it whole or cut it in half.
Serve with the rice and enjoy!


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