4 Feb 2013

Away Days #5: OFF TO THE UK

hey everyone,

so as some of you may know I'm off to the UK tomorrow for a whole month (yay!) and I really can't wait to get there. it's been three months since the last time and I just miss everything soooo much.

So as I mentioned in my post here I will of course be blogging over there aswell and I'm hoping to try out some really lovely recipes and new restaurants aswell which I am going to review for all of you. 

I will also update you about what I'm doing over there and all those traveling things. I just really can't wait and maybe there are some things about it that interest you, I'll be staying in Cardiff for most of the time but there are some other places I'm going to aswell, so keep coming back here for stuff about me traveling and if you want more regular updates follow me on twitter here and like my facebook page here.
I will be posting pictures and everything aswell.

so I hope you all are looking forward to it. I sure am. have a lovely monday everyone!


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