27 Feb 2013


Chester is one of the places I always look forward to visiting when we go up to North Wales. It's just a lovely place, nice city centre with those english houses and nice shops. 
You can take a walk on the city walls and by the river (which is especially nice when it's a bit warmer or at least sunny). 

So on our last trip to Chester a few weeks ago, we found ourselves there on a monday, and monday means it's mega monday at Rev's. 
Rev's or Revolution is a chain of Bars, their main "dish" is supposed to be Vodka, I've never had Vodka there to be completely honest with you, but their food is absolutely amazing, you don't need alcohol do go with it! They have however found a way to include Vodka in their food menu aswell, you can find a list of their creations here. I haven't tried any but I'd imagine they are just as nice as the other food and certainly  something special if you happen to be a vodka lover.

But let's talk about the food now shall we.

Let me just say why you should go to Revolution on a Monday, well Monday means it's Mega Monday at Revolution which means ALL the food is 50 % off! (2 pounds extra for a steak). Their food isn't usually that expensive I wouldn't say, but if you get the chance to go there on a Monday, I'd definitely recommend doing it, you can try out so many lovely things!

We weren't going for a big meal since we were going out with the parents aswell after, but we thought since it was monday we'd pop into Rev's and see what took our fancy. Well it's not that easy really, because everything on the menu sounds really lovely and well, we had to tell the waitress about four times that we needed "a few more minutes, sorry". But in the end we agreed on two things to share, and I believe it is worth taking a bit longer to make a decision for it to be the right one in the end. Especially when it comes to food!

Foodography by Geraint Photography

As a starter to share we had these lovely Chicken Satay Skewers, satay are basically skewers served with a lovely only slightly spicy beanut(butter) sauce. My mum loves them and has them whenever she can, I shall definitely try and make my own soon as they are really lovely.
However, the Rev's ones were amazing, the sauce was perfect and the chicken really tender. I can only recommend trying these out!

Foodography by Geraint Photography

As a main to share we had the Caramelised Onion and Goat's Cheese Pizza, and wow! I just had to have this after I saw it on the menu, and I hadn't seen it on there before and I don't know, whenever I see something with Goat's Cheese I just have to have it! and when there's Caramelised Onions involved you just can't go wrong!
It was just as wow as I imagined it would be, probably even more to be completely honest. I've had a Pizza at Rev's before and they are just amazing really, you might not expect an amazing Pizza in a place that serves burgers aswell, but let me tell you these are amazing, italians would agree with me I'm sure. They add their own touch to it which makes it even better. I'd definitely have this Pizza again, and you know what, maybe I will.

weird picture of me eating Pizza!

So I hope you enjoyed my little review, since I am writing this a while after our visit, I can tell you now that we have been to Rev's in Cardiff the other day and there will be a post about that coming up in a few days time. 

There are Revolution Bars almost everywhere in the UK, you can find them on their website to see if there's one near you. Find the Chester one here.


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the foodography in this post has kindly been taken by Geraint Photography

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gemmatranter said...

I haven't tried any of the food that you tried, but I do agree that their food is lovely! Me and my Fiance have tried a platter dish to share before and it had stuff like hand battered chicken, wedges, onion rings and a bowl of chilli in the middle and a few other things I think. Sooo nice because everything tastes fresh! Gotta love the cocktails aswell though he he. Xx