13 Feb 2013


So I promised you all loads of posts while I am in the UK and well, there will be! I really do promise! because I have loads of ideas and already taken so many pictures together with my lovely photographer (who you can find here) but there has just been so much going on, including my camera breaking yesterday so I need to find a way to get all the pictures off it. luckily though there are some pictures on my photographers camera which I am hoping to share with you all soon.

I am now back in Cardiff after a lovely long weekend up in North Wales with parties and a lot of lovely lovely food! 

So I will definitely be working on some posts over then next few days, I'm off to Bristol tomorrow for a lovely gig and most definitely good food aswell! I can't wait.

if you want to stay up to date about what I'm doing in the UK and what I'm eating and where; you can follow me on facebook here where I will be (and have been) posting pictures and everything, so take a look everyone.

and until my next post, have a good time and enjoy your food!


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