17 Feb 2013


hey everyone, so as you might have noticed I am back in the UK and unfortunately for my blog I have been quite busy these last two-ish weeks and my camera decided to die aswell so it all got a little difficult. but luckily I have my lovely photographer here so who was there to help me out with his camera and his talent (have a little look here).

However I do apologise for the photos in this post since they were taken with my phone which takes rubbish pictures because we went for food even though we weren't planning on it and therefore didn't have a camera with us. but I still felt the need to document everything for you.

I also want to kind of introduce a little new category to my blog, it's called OnTheGo as you can see. I want to show you the places I like to go to for food aswell as some places I discover and review them a little bit for you and tell you what I really like about them and sometimes what I didn't like as much. 

So PRET A MANGER is probably nothing new to all of you who live in the UK or have been to visit, it's a place where you can get fast and super fresh food with great ingredients, such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi, baguettes and many many more.
They prepare all their food fresh in the shops kitchen which makes it so special to me. And also they are very careful about what ingredients to use choosing local farmers etc over all things imported. read more about Pret on their website here.

So when we were in Britstol this thursday we went to their shop in Cabot Circus. We both had a Hot Wrap. I had the Falafel & Halloumi one and my boyfriend had the Beef Samosa one. 

I've had one of their Hot Wraps before and they are just amazing. Wonderful taste and something that will definitely warm your heart and stomach on a cold-ish day.
The Falafel & Halloumi one sounded really interesting and since I love both Falafel and Halloumi (a grilled cheese) there was no doubt I'd have this one! the grilled red peppers gave it a lovely sweet taste and the Falafel and the cheese worked amazingly together! I'll definitely be having this again if I get a chance.
I can however only really review my wrap since I only got a bite of my boyfriends one because he liked it so much, but that's a good sign aswell right? can't really go wrong with coconut dressing can you?!

Find out more about the Falafel & Halloumi Hot Wrap here and about the Beef Samosa Hot Wrap here.

To go with the spicy theme (on slightly spicy though I have to say, we're both not into really spicy food anyway) we had some of the Pure Pret Ginger Beer. 

I love Ginger Ale anyway and this one is made only with good ingredients, no nasties and nothing that shouldn't be in there. so you don't feel guilty having it at all.

Find out what's in it and all about it on the pret website here.

Altogether this was a really nice meal, some may class this as a snack but I actually think it is definitely enough for a lunch like we had. it's warming and amazing and I love knowing that it's all got good things in it. I will most definitely be going to Pret a few more times while I'm over in the UK and I will review the things for you aswell. for now, you can have a look at their current menu on their website here and click on all the lovely things and find out what's in them. I always get hungry when I read it all!

Let me know if you've been to Pret and what your favourite thing on the menu is! I'd love to try some more things!



Marlys @ Thisand That said...

Found you through a comment on Google +. following your blog now and will follow through facebook too.

dorli kurteu said...

it´s as you say ... "I always get hungry when I read it all!" pls bring pret a manger to austria!!!!!!!!