1 Mar 2013


Today it's St. David's Day in Wales and I just thought I'd wish you all a dydd gwyl dewi hapus and I hope you had a great day whether you are in Wales or anywhere else in the world. I have been out and around town today joining the celebrations in Cardiff capital city of Wales and I have quite a few posts about all that coming up soon. 
But for now I have something italian/british for you, hope you enjoy it!

I've been posting a lot of Pizza related things lately, all the bits you need to make your perfect homemade pizza such as the dough and the sauce. 
but once you've got all those things figured out you need ideas what you actually want on your pizza. sometimes a simple Margherita is the perfect choice, but let's be honest, sometimes we just want something a bit more special.

Sometimes the most special thing about a pizza is to just get some ingredients together and let every member of the family or group of friends (or even just two people) choose what they like and put it on their part of the pizza. You end up with a random mixture of ingredients which can be the best thing ever and all you need.

For now however, (and since you don't really need a recipe for a random pizza) I want to share a pizza with you that me and my boyfriend made the other day, it's kind of what I said before about everyone choosing what they want on their half, just that we pretty much agreed on all the ingredients so there was hardly any difference between our halves.

Foodography by Geraint Photography

The habit of putting chicken on a pizza is something I've only really come across in the UK so far, we don't really do that in Austria and I haven't seen it in Italy either. So this is not a very original variation of a pizza but I have to say I rather enjoy it, and those of you living in the UK or the US probably find it weird that people wouldn't have chicken on a pizza. 

I however have been loving it and therefore thought I'd share this recipe idea for you, maybe it will be a little inspiration for when you have pizza next time.

Vegetable and Chicken BBQ Pizza

1 handfull pizza dough
4 tbsp pizza sauce

finely cut courgette
chicken breast
bbq sauce

make your pizza dough as described here

find recipe for your pizza sauce here

then start by preparing the chicken, roast it in the oven
until it's done and then cut up into chunks.

leave the oven on at around 200°C

roll out the dough as thin as you like it, line baking
try with paper (don't use tinfoil as we did, only did so
because we'd run out of paper, believe me, pizza isn't
the same when you use tinfoil!)
place your dough on the paper and start creating your
pizza by spreading the sauce all over it,
add chunks of mozzarella, then the courgette, and finally
the chicken.

put in the oven for about 7-10 minutes (depends how
thin your dough is). add bbq sauce once the pizza
is out of the oven.

cut into slices and enjoy! :)

Foodography by Geraint Photography


the foodography in this post has kindly been taken by Geraint Photography
find more of his pictures on his website http://www.geraintphotography.co.uk/

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