10 Mar 2013


hey there, well I'm back in austria now, already really missing the UK and everyone there, but I'm also looking forward to meeting my friends who I've missed a lot and some austrian food too I guess. I think before I move to the UK I'll do a blog post about the austrian food I can't live without because there are some things that are just too important for me to give up. so these things and my friends will all have to come with me when I move.

anyway, on to the actual post: as you can see this is kind of a new mini-series on my blog, I couldn't really fit this into any other category and I thought well, I do fly quite a lot and it might be interesting to do something like that. even if it's just for myself to look back and see what I had to eat on my flight. as you might have guessed I fly with ryanair and as you might also know they don't do meals on there. well they have food but you have to pay a ridiculous amount for them so no thanks, I'd rather pay for something that I actually really enjoy.

sooo I kind of have this tradition going on that everytime I'm flying from stansted I go to pret. you can read a bit more about pret here
I think it started literally the first time I went to london, well on the way back actually. because obviously you can't take any liquids through security so I needed a drink for on the flight. and I guess also we don't have pret in austria so it's good to take a bit of british food beautifulness on the plane. 
another tradition with pret is that I always get a sandwich for my mum to take back. and don't worry the sandwich is still lovely when it gets to her, it's only a two hour flight after all. this probably started when we went to london together and she fell in love with pret so the next time I went I got her one as a surprise and now I get her one everytime. I'm glad she loves pret just as much as I do.

so of course I went to pret this time aswell. I got two sandwiches for my mum and her friend who is over at the moment. the sandwiches I got were Moroccan Falafel Salad and Edam Salad. I got her the falafel one last time aswell and she really liked it, and the edam salad was one we hadn't had before so I thought it'd be nice to get something new. 
I'm not sure if she's ate all of them yet but she said she really enjoyed them. and to be honest you can never go wrong with a pret sandwich anyway.

for myself I got the Brie Tomato & Basil Baguette, I just really fancied a baguette and I have recently re-discovered my love for brie (which means I shall be purchasing some very soon!) and tomato and basil together are always really lovely. I guess this is sort of a new approach to the classic mozzarella tomato and basil combination which you can get pretty much everywhere. and I really really love this combination on everything, but brie has just a very lovely texture and such a nice flavour so I think this is really lovely, so simple aswell, I'll definitely make this at home sometime soon. 

then to drink, because you always need to stay hydrated on a flight! I got my usual Pure Pret Pomegranate drink thing which is just amazing. it's so fresh and fruity but not too sweet or anything, just perfect I think. and I think I've only just realised that I've left what was left of it in my dad's car. sad thing. so fingers crossed I'll be back in the UK soon!

here you can see all the lovely things well placed on my suitcase to make it look very authentic. and yes people were looking at me very weird when I started placing all my food on my suitcase and taking pictures of it. but hey, who cares!

I really enjoyed the food and it definitely kept me going throughout the flight and even longer. I think you can't go wrong with something from pret because I enjoy it even more knowing that it's made from lovely ingredients and handmade and fresh. I have literally never had anything there that I didn't like so it's definitely my go to place when it comes to flight food. but we'll see, maybe I'll try out something else next time. 

hope you all enjoyed this a little different post, let me know.  I'll leave you with a lovely over the clouds picture from on the plane now, just to prove I did actually go on the plane and didn't stay there eating all day.

Magdalena. xx

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