23 Mar 2013

Favourites #1: INTRO

Obviously there are a lot of things I like when it comes to food. I am not really that kind of person who's list of things they don't like is longer than their list of things they love. in fact I don't even have a list of things I don't particularly like. I grew up trying everything and I am still trying new things now and if you asked me what's some food you don't like, I doubt I would be able to answer.

But like everyone I do have those things that I just love, those things that I always go back to because they remind me of wonderful moments and wonderful people. 
Some are family traditions (even though we don't have a lot of them) and some are just things I've discovered for myself. most of them are rather simple than anything complicated or difficult to make I'd say.

So I thought of this category to share some of my absolute favourite things with you aswell as a little story why I love them so much and what they mean to me.
for those of you who prefer to just look at the recipes that's absolutely fine, but if you want to know a bit more about me and my food that would be great too.

My first favourites post will be up on monday but I have quite a few in mind so there will most definitely be a lot more every now and then. 

also I would just like to mention that I am planning on doing a little givaway when I reach 100 followers on facebook so please like my facebook page here if you like my blog. thank you lovelies.

Magdalena. xx

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what are your favourites and why? tell me in the comments!

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