3 Mar 2013


it's been quite a while since I had my very first crêpe by la crêperie de sophie down the market by the millenium stadium in cardiff. a lot has changed since then, but surely not the quality of their crêpes.
what did change is that they opened their own lovely shop in the high street arcade in cardiff's city centre, I already did a blog post about this when I first went there, which you can find here. they have since then added even more lovely variations to their menu and I just can't keep myself from going back and trying something new every time, but why would I want to keep myself from having lovely food anyway.
if you are a markets person though, don't worry, you can still find them around britain's farmers markets. in fact we met mr. crêperie/Loic the other day at his stall for st. david's day.

they definitely keep on coming up with new ideas so I wouldn't be surprised if I will be telling you about another one of them sometime soon. I definitely can't wait to try out more crêpes that's for sure. 
they have also been doing some lovely events such as the crêpes and cider evenings, which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend yet but I hope I will be able to at some point, I'd love to tell you all about that, but I've heard they have been really lovely.
oh and they also sell their very own crêpe mixture so you can make them yourself.

So as I already mentioned before, we met Loic in town on st. david's day where he was selling lovely crêpes for everyone who wanted to be part of the celebration. we had a little chat and since we were going to pop to the crêperie after anyway that was a lovely coincidence. 

after the st. david's day parade and a lovely day around town we decided to have some wonderful crêpes to finish off a really lovely very welsh day with a french meal, sounds perfect doesn't it? but really, you just can't go wrong with a french meal, no matter what day.

I'm always horrible at deciding what I want and I usually sit there with the menu for ages just reading it and probably secretly wishing I could just have everything. do you know that feeling? well this time it was completely different. 
we usually go for one of the savory and one of the sweet crêpes and share them. because you'll probably think of a crêpe and think, oh that's just a pancake, how is one whole pancake going to be enough for me? but really, crêpes are so much more, and these have lovely ingredients in them and they definitely put enough in them so one crêpe is a whole meal really (and the price is really good for a whole meal I think). so I'd advise you to take someone with you so you can get a savoury and a sweet one and try both, it's so worth it. (if you can't find anyone to come with you, I'll most definitely go).
but now let's actually talk about the crêpes I've been wanting to tell you about all this time.


so back to my menu story, it wasn't that difficult this time around because a lovely crêpe with the name cocorico! caught my eye right after I opened the menu and I just knew I had to have it, as you can see below it's chicken and lovely french brie and cranberry sauce.
well I love chicken, I love love brie and if I could I would eat everything with cranberry sauce, so there was just no doubt I had to have this one.

and really, it's just amazing, it was even better than I imagined. the brie just works so well with the cranberries and they just give the whole dish this lovely little sweetness but in a more sophisticated kind of way. the chicken was also really delicious with all the nice herbs de provence. all in all a really delicious dish which I would definitely order again, and probably will after I've tried everything else on the menu. (looking forward to that)

Orchard's Gold

the sweet one wasn't that hard to choose either, because I had spent a while just reading through all the savoury ones, the waitress had arrived at our table and my lovely boyfriend said he wanted either one of those pointing at two of the sweet ones so I intuitively chose this one called orchard gold. the other one I could have chosen is the one above called sophie's which I'm sure is really nice, since it sounds nice and allowed to have the same name as the crêperie itself. but I think I really wanted something with apples, but I'll probably give sophie's a go next time because it sounds just as nice really.

As you can see it looks amazing, and I really wish you could smell it, because it just has this lovely smell like someone's making apple pie in the kitchen and you just really really want a piece. in fact I'd say this is probably the crêpe version of apple pie but better. you know, I love a piece of apple pie, but this sauce is just, wow, homemade caramel sauce I mean, wow, by the sound of it you'll know that it's going to be amazing!
and it comes with this lovely crunchy soft crêpe and topped with apple compote and cream and almonds on top which give it this extra crunch. it's just amazing and if I could have one right now I would. 
also one thing I'd like to mention is that I'm very picky sometimes when it comes to desserts, only in the way that I don't like it when things are too sweet. and you'll think now well why did she get something like this then. but I have to say, this is just perfect, caramel sauce is sweet and it really should be, but it's also got this lovely taste to it which isn't just sugary sweet but tasteful sweet, and the apples and the cream just balance it out perfectly. so if you're weird like me, you'll enjoy this one aswell.

well what more is there to say. I really really enjoyed my visit to la crêperie de sophie and as I said before I will always keep coming back. they are, in my opinion, definitely the best crêpes you will find in the whole of the UK and could certainly win a competition against some french ones aswell. 
I can't wait for whatever they come up with in the future and will certainly try out as many things on their menu as possible.
if you get the chance to stop by their shop in the high street arcade in cardiff you really should.

you can find their website here. their twitter here. and their facebook here.

the photography in this post has been taken by Geraint Photography who's pictures of france are currently on display at the crêperie. so definitely go and have a look. you can view some of the pictures here to get in the french mood.

hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed my meal and can't wait to go back again.

Magdalena. xx

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Just me, Leah said...

They look delicious! I've had savoury crepes at a few stalls here and there in the past few years, but sweet ones are even better! x x