31 Mar 2013


Happy easter everyone!

you might have noticed that lately I have been introducing a lot of new categories, I'm sorry if this confused you as much as it confuses me, but I promise in the end it will be a bit more organised. and don't worry I will still be posting just normal recipes a few times a week. 
this category however is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while, first I thought I'd just do a food diary kind of thing, but really what's the point in telling you what I had to eat when you can't see a picture. and also this way, it would get me to take pictures more often which is good aswell.

so in my "my week in meals" category I want to show you what I had to eat over the last week. I will be posting it every sunday (fingers crossed!) and a week will start with either the sunday before that or the monday, depending what time I get to post on the sunday. I really hope what I'm saying makes sense. sometimes there might be days missing but I'll try and take a picture of what I eat every day.
also, if I've posted recipes to some of the things on here, I'll of course link them with the pictures. and if any of you would like to see a recipe post about any of the things I've eaten, just let me know in the comments and then it will be up as soon as possible.
also if some of the things weren't made by me but in a restaurant I'll link the restaurant if I can.

so without any further ado (because that hasn't been enough huh?), here's week number one:

something simple, linguine with basil pesto, fresh basil leaves and parmesan cheese.
oh and my giant tea mug filled with yummy apple tea.

for lunch I had some more pasta with pesto aswell as one of my greek salads (here)
and just something to make me feel like it's spring when it's not, baguette with tomato and mozzarella, it always works.

yes it gets dark really early still, not anymore though now since the clocks have gone forward (reminder!) but a bit of roasted chicken breast with veg and rice can always cheer me up. and even more greek salad (here)

I promise this wasn't the only thing I had that day but I just can't seem to find a picture of anything else. another baguette with mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil leaves, yum!

can you see the snow outside? depressing right? I needed some serious cheering up, thankfully I had my beloved salad with pumpkin seed oil, tomatoes and garlic to accompany those tortellini with spinach and ricotta.

on friday I had a lovely day with my dad, and this was the perfect austrian meal to finish it off. thank you dad for some traditional cheese, sausage and bread. yum!
(we did go out for a meal that day aswell which will be posted soon)

I hope you enjoyed my first weekly meal post, let me know what your favourite out of these is and if you would like me to do any recipes on them. 

I hope you had a lovely week aswell!



Sarah said...

This is a lovely idea - I love nosing at what people have eaten! Your meals look so tasty :)

Magdalena Hannah said...

thank you :) I really love reading posts like that so I thought I'd see what people think about mine, thanks for the feedback :) xx

Alice said...

This all looks so yummy and healthy!! I love mozarella- it is just so delicious :) x

Magdalena Hannah said...

it's not that healthy really, I just like fresh things :) mozzarella is the best isn't it! I could eat it with everything! thank you for your comment :) xx

Rhiannon Fraser said...

This all looks so yummy and tasty! It has a really foreign sort of theme to me and reminds me of the food I used to eat when I lived in France and Switzerland. Not had Mozzarella in ages, might have to get some next time I do shopping now! x