7 Mar 2013


righty, since I'm kind of busy at the moment I haven't been able to share my lovely cupcake post with you yet, but don't worry I will in the very near future. but I was in manchester yesterday for my university interview which is quite obviously more important. I spent a lovely day there and even though my feet hurt terribly now, it was so worth it. I hope you don't mind me sharing this lovely but simple recipe with you I made a little bit ago. I'm sure you'll like it as much as I did.

So here it goes, another recipe using my pizza dough which can be found here. This was mainly made because we had some of the dough left over (yes you can keep it in the fridge for about two days or so, maybe longer but you'll want to use it as fresh as possible and there are just so many things you can do with it).

You can have this as a side with, well anything you like really, pasta or meat or fish and several other mediterranean treats! If you don't like garlic (I've heard some people don't) then don't worry, because the olive oil gives it such an amazing taste and you could put some oregano on aswell and it will taste just as delicious as this version.
cheese isn't a must either of course if you're not that much of a cheesy person.
And you can use whatever cheese you want. Go for the classic touch with some Mozzarella, something special with some goat's cheese (oh now I want that thinking about it!) or have it the british way like we did with some cheddar (yummy indeed!).

if you don't want it as a side you can also just have it as a lovely snack with some olives or dried tomatoes and all that beautiful stuff. if you haven't got dough left over it's just as easy to just make it, maybe for a night with friends, something different for a movie night.

I'm sure you'll find your way to enjoy it your own way, let me know if you have ideas for it.

Garlic Cheese Pizza Bread
for one pizza bread

1 handfull of pizza dough
1 glove of garlic
cheddar (grated)
2 tbsp olive poil

prepare pizza dough as described here.

cut or mince the garlic and mix with the olive oil.
roll out the dough as thin as you like it.
line baking try with baking paper, place
the pizza on the tray and  spread the oil garlic
mixture evenly.
grate some cheese (if you want mozzarealla
you'll want to cut or tear it instead)
and spread over the pizza aswell.

put the pizza bread in the oven for about
10-15 minutes at about 180°C
make sure the cheese is golden but not
too dark.


Foodography by Geraint Photography



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Claire Bakes said...

I cannot think of anything I would rather eat for lunch right now! This sounds amazing Magdalena x