16 Mar 2013


As you might have read in my last post (here) I am back in Austria and hoping for the weather to get better. it's actually not too bad today, the sun is out so I'm quite happy. 
It's good to come back and see my friends again, I've been gone for a month so I'm glad they still remember who I am. 

But of course I still miss the UK, I always do, and yes I miss the british food aswell. I have made it my mission (kind of) to show how gourmet british food can be. So I want to share this lovely meal with you which me and my boyfriend made about two weeks ago now. It's a classic british dish but add some lovely ingredients and you could call it british gourmet.

I can't wait to try my gourmet version of some more british classics, I really loved this, I think you don't need to do much and you can make simple sausages into something really lovely. and the british really do have the best sausages. no point denying that!

Sausages with buttery Mash and Onion and Cider Vingar Jam
(what a name ha?!)

for two

4 sausages (the best you can find!)
1 onion (red or white)
5 large potatoes
cider vinegar

so you should start by boiling the potatoes because they will
definitely take the longest.

then chop the onion in chunks, not too small you want some
consistency in your jam. (if not, make smaller chunks).
heat a pan with a bit of fat/oil and fry the onions until
golden brown. then add about 1 tbsp of sugar and about
2-3 tbsp of the vinegar. lower the temperature and
cover, leave to simmer for as long as you can. only gets better.

once the potatoes are done you can start your sausages, either
in a pan, in the oven or if you have something else use that,
whatever you prefer really.

while doing that, peel the potatoes (careful! hot! but they have to be!)
add some milk and butter and salt and mash them with a masher
(or whatever you have) until smooth (but not too smooth!).
taste and make sure there's enough salt. add some nutmeg.

now, the onions should be sticky sweet, the sausages lovely and juicy
and the mash smooth and buttery.

is it?? well then you can serve it up and enjoy with a pint (of juice)

P.S. if you love some more carbs, serve with some sourdough bread, yum!!

Magdalena. xx

Photography by Geraint Photography


Kate Livingston said...

Sausage and mash is one of my favourites!

Kate - Cakes and Bakes by Kate

Just me, Leah said...

Mmmmm! I'm so hungry now! x

Anonymous said...

Hello Magdalena,

I’ve nominated your blog Lullaby for pies for a Liebster Award. If you want to accept, the rules for receiving this award are listed on My Finnish Delights blog post here: http://myfinnishdelights.blogspot.se/2013/03/liebster-award_19.html

I can send you the image if you want to put it on your blog.....I didn't find an email address....

Have a nice day!